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Four takeaways from the new report on raising St. Paul's minimum wage

Low-wage workers listened as the author of a report on raising St. Paul’s minimum wage summarized her findings at yesterday’s City Council meeting. Then they put council members on notice. 763 more words


A Fuckin' PSA

Don’t fucking leave your trash on the ground of a restaurant/coffee shop/eatery when there’s a trash bin available. At the VERY least, if you’re so insistent on being a twat and not cleaning up after yourself a tad… leave your trash on a table. 200 more words


Teachers, allies keep heat on Ecolab, U.S. Bank as Super Bowl party ramps up

Hundreds of people whose work keeps the Twin Cities running shut down traffic outside a Super Bowl party in St. Paul tonight.

Teachers, low-wage workers and other activists called out the corporations funding the Super Bowl Host Committee – … 565 more words

Union Events

Prominent activist to talk $15, #MeToo with tipped workers in St. Paul

A leading voice in the nationwide campaign to improve wages and working conditions for restaurant workers will meet tomorrow with tipped workers fighting for a $15 minimum wage in St. 285 more words

Union Events

Wal-Mart Reportedly Cutting 1,000 Office Jobs After Raising Store Worker Wages

Just one day after announcing that it would raise starting wages for its hourly workers, a report said Wal-Mart is planning to eliminate more than 1,000 jobs, mostly at its headquarters. 324 more words


We Care A Lot: Profits of Social Entreprenurship

Social Entrepreneurship is often championed as a solution to social problems. As I understand it, social entrepreneurs are ingenious people who use their creativity to help those who suffer from poverty, sickness, lack of education, and whatever other problems catch their attention. 846 more words

Doing Sociology

A look at low-wage jobs and who does them

Ever wonder who the people are who are doing low-wage work? It’s not just young people getting their first work experience, or retirees looking for extra cash. 266 more words