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Ellison joins home care worker on the job, reaffirms support of Fight for $15

Clara Nakumbe is fighting for $15 an hour, but the Minneapolis resident doesn’t work in a fast-food restaurant or behind the scenes at the airport. She works in her own home, providing round-the-clock care for her son Siran, who lives with a severe form of multiple sclerosis. 428 more words


We are ready to do what it takes to win.

we are here today to remind the political leadership of Philadelphia of their commitments to the workers of this city.

Did you know that there is legislation sitting in committee in City Council that would have let Philadelphia vote on raising the minimum wage this November?  716 more words

Minimum Wage

The Low-Wage Worker

I have worked a lot of minimum wage jobs in my life.

In the past few years, I have been a barista at Barnes and Noble Cafe, a cashier at Walmart (twice – two different stores), a camp counselor at two different camps, a sandwich maker at Subway, a server at Tim Horton’s, a sales associate at Macy’s, a child care worker at a day care center, a babysitter, and, with a slightly-higher hourly wage, a teacher’s assistant and a substitute teacher’s assistant. 987 more words

Hawaii ban on noncompetes leaves out a huge chunk of workers

The debate over noncompete agreements—the fine print in employment contracts that keeps employees from working for competitors in their next job—has largely focused on the tech industry. 748 more words


Fired after joining strike, four janitors suspect retaliation

Four janitors with 8 years of experience cleaning car dealerships in Wayzata were fired June 9, the same day they joined a Twin Cities-wide strike… 454 more words

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Oregon House Speaker Unveils $13 Minimum Wage Proposal

SALEM, Ore. (AP) — House Speaker Tina Kotek is unveiling a proposal to gradually raise Oregon’s statewide minimum wage to $13 an hour by 2018. 121 more words


Victory in Los Angeles buoys hopes of local 15 Now supporters

Workers taking collective action and communities organizing for political change form the groundwork of 15 Now, panelists said Wednesday during a forum on the nationwide movement to raise wages. 513 more words

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