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Syracuse’s poorest workers: Health problems, low wages


An ongoing study of the Syracuse area’s lowest-paid workers finds they often face aching backs, constant stress and a lack of respect as well as a skimpy paycheck. 551 more words


Janitors, teachers protest Kohl’s during back-to-school rush

Looking to build on recent victories at Target and Best Buy, retail janitors in the Twin Cities put the pressure on Kohl’s Saturday – during the busy back-to-school shopping season – to do right by the workers who clean its stores. 470 more words

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Small business owners voice support for sick-time ordinance in St. Paul

At a press conference today, small business owners in St. Paul said passing a citywide sick-time ordinance is the right thing to do – not only for the health of their workers, but also the health of their bottom lines. 534 more words


#DNCinPHL: Day 4

Yesterday my delegate tickets disappeared.  The PA Dem Party scrambled to find a replacement.  So I  was unable to attend Tuesday morning’s events. This morning, the were able to get me a pass for today and they are working on tomorrow’s pass. 2,692 more words

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What Could Give Low-Wage Workers More Stability?

My last post recapped the story LaJuana Clark, a formerly homeless, still struggling woman because it’s unique only in the particulars. What I heard — and not only from her — drove home how unstable the lives of so many low-wage workers are. 1,006 more words

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What Would House Speaker Ryan Do In Her Shoes?

LaJuana Clark is a formerly homeless, still struggling District of Columbia resident. She spoke as the lead-off expert at a recent event the Coalition on Human Needs and partners sponsored to explore what we know works — and doesn’t — to reduce poverty and expand opportunity. 971 more words

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Jimmy John’s Will Stop Making Low-Wage Employees Sign Non-Compete Agreements

Fast-food franchisor Jimmy John’s will not enforce agreements signed by low-wage employees that barred them from working at other sandwich shops, the New York attorney general’s office said. 199 more words