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Top 10 giống chó đắt giá nhất thế giới

Tại nhiều quốc gia và khu vực trên thế giới, chó được coi như những thành viên thực sự của gia đình. Chúng được yêu thương, chiều chuộng hết mực và nhiều người đã sẵn sàng chi ra một khoản tiền lớn để được sở hữu và chăm sóc người bạn đặc biệt này. 1,418 more words


Expensive Breeds of Dogs and Cats


These cats are a cross between domestic cats and the Asian leopard cat (a small wildcat). Bengals have been around for about 100 years. Kittens can cost thousands of dollars. 236 more words


Lowchen - What Makes It a Must-Have Pet?

There’s no exact data as to the lineage of Lowchen. One theory said that they are from Northern Europe (Germany, Belgium, and France) and one of the founding breeds of Toy Poodle. 593 more words


Mojo & Perry.

My boys. My two loves.

Words can not convey how much I love my two dogs.

I am certain that all dog owners/lovers instinctively know the unique love that can only be described as ‘dog love’ – its the intense, all encompassing, overwhelming feeling of unconditional love that resides in the pit of your stomach when you even look, think, pat, walk your dog/s. 507 more words

Feeling Inspired.

Featured Pups Up For Adoption!

As you know I’m a big advocate of adopting a dog. There are so many great ones out there in various shelters for a fraction of a cost! 101 more words



A great family pet, the Lowchen is a happy and affectionate little dog.  They are very suited to city life – not needing too much walking and being quite happy living an apartment lifestyle. 75 more words

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