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Yay!!!!!! Central Ohio Gas Prices Fall!

If you have been paying attention at the gas pump then you may have noticed that the gas prices are slowly falling, which is a good thing. 62 more words


#Microsoft365 Day 243: Fix Text Case with Formulas in #SharePoint

One of my favorite formulas for data cleanup in Excel – and I didn’t know I could use it in SharePoint. Winner winner chicken dinner if you ask me – this would fix a lot of that nasty Single line of Text additions. 191 more words

Office 365

Debt Trend

“We’re seeing people carrying much more debt than in previous generations into retirement.” -Ron Rhoades WKU

“Younger people are taking on debt at a higher rate and paying it off at a lower rate.” -Lucia Dunn  OSU

Money Magazine


Natural Ways to Lower Cholesterol

When it comes to cholesterol, patients often tell me it runs in their family and there is nothing they can do about it. Although yes it is true that if high cholesterol runs in your family, it increases your risk of also developing high cholesterol, it doesn’t however mean there is nothing you can do about it. 155 more words

Education Economics

An average student from poor to lower middle class family would spend minimum US$10000 to US$30000 in span of decade for basic schooling and subsequent to that a real struggle begins to have a good decent graduation.. 233 more words