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Replacing file extensions from uppercase to lowercase

Here’s a very simple utility that recursively finds uppercase file extensions and makes those who are lowercase. For once, it’s not written in C# but in good old¬†DOS. 104 more words


I made a Wild West themed site to try for a job with the most successful seed investor of all time, Chris Sacca

Caveat: This post is not about cyber security¬†but I think it’s a fun story that some readers might appreciate.

Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca is the most successful seed investor of all time. 599 more words

Rename Uppercase JPG/JPEG extensions to Lowercase

The following command will rename all uppercase jpg extensions (JPG, JPEG) to lowercase jpg extensions:

rename 's/\.jpe?g$/.jpg/i' *

Ghostwriter's Friday Fact #7

The dot on a lowercase “i” is called a tittle.


the lowercase series- words

i could hear the shatters

of broken words and glass.

of caramel-coated


i could hear them soften their


when they approached my room. 42 more words