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Richard Chartier - Of Surfaces

Of Surfaces is a 2002 album by Richard Chartier released on Line. Richard Chartier does super minimal and lowercase stuff and it’s awesome. When I listen to this album on max I can still hear everything in the house, that’s minimal done right. 107 more words

Obscure Music

Chris Sacca on Being Different and Making Billions

Goofing around with Sacca and his afro.

“Fuck it… I’m just not going to play this traditionally anymore.”
– Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca was recently… 657 more words

The Tim Ferriss Show

Replacing file extensions from uppercase to lowercase

Here’s a very simple utility that recursively finds uppercase file extensions and makes those who are lowercase. For once, it’s not written in C# but in good old DOS. 104 more words


I made a Wild West themed site to try for a job with the most successful seed investor of all time, Chris Sacca

Caveat: This post is not about cyber security but I think it’s a fun story that some readers might appreciate.

Chris Sacca

Chris Sacca is the most successful seed investor of all time. 599 more words

Rename Uppercase JPG/JPEG extensions to Lowercase

The following command will rename all uppercase jpg extensions (JPG, JPEG) to lowercase jpg extensions:

rename 's/\.jpe?g$/.jpg/i' *