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How to Teach Your Child the Alphabet...

There are many ways to learn the alphabet.

Your child can watch any number of wonderful children’s television programs and play educational games on the computer.   634 more words

Lowercase Cafe Reopened

A space remade. What I miss the most? The coffee (which hopefully will be better should I visit again), and the natural light, now blocked by the wall.


solo computer music - out 25th February

solo computer music, the new album from Phil Maguire, is out 25th February on C38 cassette (edition of 25), and download. Pre-order here.

Uppercase and Lowercase with RegEx

Check if a string’s first letter is lowercase (^ checks beginning of input):

function hasLowerCase(str) {
    return (/^/.test(str));

Check if a string’s first letter is uppercase: 22 more words


'solo computer music' - available for pre-order

My new release, solo computer music is out 25 February on verz imprint. Limited edition C38 cassette and download. £3/5


Custom Ansible filters: Easy solution to difficult problems

I have recently been using Ansible to automate health checks for some of our software-defined network (SDN) infrastructure. One of the devices my code must query for health is a soft router running the SROS operating system. 564 more words


What is the syntax to see convert a string to lowercase?

<string name>.lower()
str2 = "PassWoRD is 123"


hello world
password is 123