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5 laws of concert photography - Charles Pietri

My name is Charles, I do film concert photography since September 2014. I chose analog over digital because I like to do things with my hands instead of using a computer. 497 more words



Testing in lowlight situation.

I have been busy. I couldn’t post yesterday due to circumstances and school, son and my situation . I am doing my best to be focused and determined .I remember back then when I got into photography and I used to hate bumping ISO because I thought it would make the quality of the photo bad. 38 more words

Daily Journey Journal

Low Light Energy

Today I got the opportunity to play with low lighting and slow shutter speed. Now I know how to make ghosts and neon lights. Just in time for the Halloween weekend. 28 more words

Low Light: Art studio

Today we practiced shooting in little to no light.  We adjusted shutter speed and aperture setting in order to capture pictures made with the light.  It was very interesting to see the light make images with the slow shutter.   47 more words


curl girl walnut whirl
cuddle warm worn moleskin dust
small brown colloquy
agoraphobes file worn out
mawkish marquetry
thimbles full of radium
deep pockets glow