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Low Light Energy

Today I got the opportunity to play with low lighting and slow shutter speed. Now I know how to make ghosts and neon lights. Just in time for the Halloween weekend. 28 more words

Low Light: Art studio

Today we practiced shooting in little to no light.  We adjusted shutter speed and aperture setting in order to capture pictures made with the light.  It was very interesting to see the light make images with the slow shutter.   47 more words


curl girl walnut whirl
cuddle warm worn moleskin dust
small brown colloquy
agoraphobes file worn out
mawkish marquetry
thimbles full of radium
deep pockets glow

IPhone 7 Plus Low-Light Photo Capabilities Shown Off at U.S. Open

(Source: www.macrumors.com)

The new set of photos were taken by

Better low-light photography was emphasized by Apple in the

The iPhone 7 Plus has all of these features, with the addition of a second 12-megapixel 56mm telephoto lens with an f/2.8 aperture, enabling a new and highly-detailed 2x optical zoom ability. 592 more words


Bike trip through France and Spain

At the beginning of the month Mick and I took the motor bike over to France and drove down to Spain stopping at various sights and places on route.  50 more words