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Ballet? - But he's a boy!!!!

I recently took my 3 year old son to watch, you’d never believe it, a BALLET! This isn’t his first ballet. Not so long ago we took him to see the… 307 more words


I'm now one month in Norwood

I can’t believe that I’m now one month in the US. Im very glad that I’m here. It’s a lot of fun. Here are nice people and It`s very much fun to learn about the culture here. 229 more words


Manchester's Neglected Hero - Anthony Burgess

If there’s one thing Mancunians resent, it’s a sell-out. Whereas Lowry hung around, etching his working class roots into everything, Anthony Burgess, forever the rebel, abandoned the grimy industrial city for the more exotic Malaysia and Brunei, and later to Malta, Italy, America and finally to Monaco, where he is now buried – his home city never forgiven him for it. 293 more words


This knife of Sheffield steel (2)

So there is was, isolated, disorientated and vulnerable in a small cubicle – presumably to make me answer all their questions. The Big Man with entourage came, then the gormless medical student and, eventually, the Bandage Nurse. 324 more words

Review: The Giver by Louis Lowry

What can I say about this book that hasn’t been said hundreds of times? The edition I read even has a foreword by Lowry where she talks about the gratuitous amount of fan mail she received and still receives to this day about this story. 215 more words


I'm so disappointed, Frank.

Frank, Frank, Frank… you were doing so well.

Then you pissed all over Free Speech.

Fuck you, Frank.



Under a Volcano

The heat oppresses
And I’m overcome with a sense of malaise
Listless, I lay on the ground
And daydream of living under a volcano.

My legs are heavy logs… 65 more words