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18 - Ever Had Issues Buying Electronic Gadgets?..Watch, it's Hilarious!

Hey Sharon here,

I don’t know about you, but when it comes to buying or using electronic gadgets, I get Clive my husband to do it for me… I get lost after the first techno geek word!. 62 more words

Bring More Customers With itreat

Are you fed up with trying the traditional marketing techniques to increase your sales? Yes, most of the business owners in Dubai are trying all these techniques to increase their sales by attracting more customers to their business. 253 more words

Business Loyalty Programs

5 - I'am Ready Sharon...Show Me How!

 Hi there, Sharon here..

So by now I hope you’ve had a chance to read my other posts on Customer Loyalty Programs and You want to Make Money Whist You and the World Shop! 284 more words


3 - How to Make Money from Customer Loyalty Programs

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In my last post I explained what Customer Loyalty Programs are and why they work so well for both the Retailer and you the Shopper. 402 more words


2 - What Are Customer Loyalty Programs?

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In my post yesterday I alluded to the concept of making money whilst shopping… and although it sounds crazy, I mentioned the words “Loyalty Systems” or  Customer Loyalty Programs as the industry calls them. 444 more words


1 - Shopping Makes You Money??

Hi, Sharon here,

Yes, I know, it sounds really weird doesn’t it..

Let me tell you a little story.

My husband Clive has been an entrepreneur for many years and has tried many different ventures with varying degrees of success. 262 more words


HotelTonight is revamping their rewards program with infinite levels

Last year HotelTonight launched HT Perks, their own twist on a hotel loyalty program.

The program is level-based, meaning user “level up” as they meet certain tiers of lifetime spend in the app. 410 more words