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You Call This a Loyalty Program?

Try this episode on for size and tell me how it makes you feel about the brand:

I recently logged into one of my hotel loyalty accounts where I had amassed several hundred thousand points. 1,167 more words


Air Miles

When I go to my local Metro, which is rare, I notice little signs that state that only a few products will actually earn a customer Air Miles. 246 more words


Why Aren't More Shoppers in Your Loyalty Program?

Retailers (of all sizes and types) are continually on a quest to attract more people to their customer loyalty programs. This continues to be both a critical goal and a major challenge for them. 86 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information

Business 001: Digital Technology and Retail Malls

Traditionally, location and tenant mix are the two most important factors that determine the success of retail mall businesses. Even though these factors remain important, the use of digital technology is allowing weaker players to level the playing field in the industry. 628 more words


Worldwide Growth in Restaurant Loyalty Programs

Some restaurants have had customer loyalty programs for years; others are newer to the game. In any event, restaurants globally are more involved with customer loyalty programs than ever before. 183 more words
Part 3: Targeting Customers And Gathering Information