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Telecom Carrier: Marketing Spend Optimization, Loyalty Program Design, Predicting Consumer Behavior

Complex data sets are employed to predict the age and location of the most loyal and profitable customers, guiding investment allocation to the highest return customers. 718 more words



For the first time, Treetops Montville will be implementing a LOYALTY PROGRAM for all our regular clients. 

The more you visit, the more irresistible rewards, deals and discounts will be offered to you! 106 more words


Toddlers and Spanish tourists designing the FINTECH of tomorrow- Tesco and the industry of Pointless Points

Central London, a busy TESCO store with a queue of the size that would leave even the old Soviet food-stamp distribution centres ashamed. Young (looking) mum with a three-year-old that incessantly fires a barrage of questions, while the slave-driver sales assistant keeps hurrying people in the queue and pestering them to use the check-out machines instead to the human cashier. 729 more words

Customer Exeperience

Wonderful new attractions at the Polynesian Cultural Center

The Polynesian Cultural Center is the hot spot to learn and have fun this Summer! Trini sits down with Delsa Moe from Polynesian Cultural Center to learn about the activities and fun at the PCC. 129 more words


Regional Bank: Customer Analysis, Predicting Customer Behavior, Loyalty Program Design

Every business needs to acquire more customers than it loses. While market research can generally sum up reasons for customer (dis)loyalty, careful econometric analysis of data around customer departures and arrivals can help identify what customers really value.  444 more words


Dedicated To The Success Of Small To Medium Size Business Owners

www.MerchantsProject.com focuses on helping the small to medium-sized business owner keep their current customers loyal and attract new customers.  Through our dedication and commitment in enhancing the productivity of small to medium-sized businesses for the last 11 years, spanning 47 countries, we have been instrumental in increasing their customer base to a more loyal and incentives driven model. 306 more words

Sephora: 3 Tips to Increase Customer Retention by Beauty Insider Program (Ecommerce Marketing #11)

According to study, it costs companies 5-10 times to acquire a new customer than retaining an existing one. If customer retention increases 5%, it will lead to a 25-100% increase in profit for the company. 349 more words