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Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 4: AI Hypocrisy!

Things are heating up. As our neighbours battle it out, we get trolled by our declared friend. With fears of foreign aggression and a small army, the most logical thing to do is to drag stones around, right?


Piece of home in Melbourne

The Melbourne Immigration Museum recently hosted The “Aotearoa Fest”, and I just had to go along!

I am a pretty proud Kiwi at the best of times, but being able to stand in line to get… 167 more words

Food Porn

Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 3: Rice or Sugar?

In this episode I learn to tell the difference between rice and sugar! We continue exploring and prepare to settle our second city. I realised after recording that I’ve been able to change social policies but haven’t been doing so! 8 more words


[LPNM+] Why I Oppose the New Mexico Denial of Bail Measure, by Freddie Joe Nichols III

Why I Oppose the New Mexico Denial of Bail Measure

Coming up on the ballot on November 8th is a ballot measure called, New Mexico Denial of Bail Measure, Constitutional Amendment 1. 527 more words


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 2: Barbarians Approach!

In this episode, we continue exploring in search of other civs, and fend off barbarians. Unlike the first episode, I wasn’t recording at four in the morning, so hopefully it shows in my commentary!


Civilization 6 - Arabia (King) Ep. 1: Release Hype!

Civilization 6 has finally been released and I am playing my first game as Saladin, leading Arabia. I am playing on King difficulty and a standard sized Pangaea map.



I love me some polyvinyl chloride as much as the next guy, for example, I have a twelve-foot by six-foot wall of it.

Kids! Can we call them LPs (short for long player or long play) or records vs. 320 more words