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Security Concerns

Canadians are still left wondering about key details in the Maryam Monsef controversy.

Unanswered questions go beyond the details of Monsef’s early life in Iran and Afghanistan. 133 more words


Liberal Scandals

It’s not just civil servants with their rich benefit packages that get the pleasure of chuckling at their less entitled peers toiling for fewer perks in the private sector. 241 more words


Liberal Risk

How many contradictions and hypocrisies can the Liberals engage in before the people start to notice? The reversals have been coming off the conveyor with regularity, raising questions about how good the word of this government is. 171 more words


An extremely simple deconvolution algorithm

A number of sophisticated deconvolution algorithms have been proposed in the literature, most of which involve solving an optimization problem.

While trying to develop a fast, on-line spike detection algorithm for Scanbox I tried a simple idea that seems to work reasonably well and the resulting algorithm is trivial. 586 more words


Big Spenders

OTTAWA — MPs return to the House of Commons on Monday, officially ending their summer of spending, a summer that saw government MPs hand out cheques for almost $8 billion for at least two tennis courts, several hockey arena renovations, two flagpoles and one gazebo. 123 more words


Why the NDP Can't Reinvent Itself

Since last October’s crushing electoral defeat, Canada’s NDP has struggled to stay visible and relevant.

Many well-meaning activists and sympathetic pundits have suggested different reforms or policy shifts, but I’m convinced that undertaking any kind of transformation will be very difficult. 775 more words

Contemporary Politics

Multicult Fail

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visited a gender-segregated mosque Monday morning whose imam is a member of a group considered a terrorist organization abroad.

Samy Metwally, the lead imam at the… 133 more words