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ROME: Antony & Caesar

Today’s article will be a write up on a project that has passed and not our usual write up on playing cards project still active on Kickstarter. 568 more words


TATTOOink Playing Cards

Tattoo ink playing cards is literally playing cards printed suing tattoo ink and it is a project envisioned by Charalambos Kourouklaris. When he put two things he love, the rest of us skeletons drawn into playing cards with tattoo ink which is named TATTOOink Playing Cards. 291 more words


Dante Alighieri's Inferno playing cards

I must admit that writing about this deck is a little bit beyond me. Reason being I did not do well in literature when I was in school and to further complicate matters, Italian literature is definitely not something I dabbled with in school. 630 more words


Pipmen Collector's Edition

In addition to the Pipmen: World playing cards, Elephant Playing Cards added another deck in their Kickstarter project and that is the Pipmen Collector’s Edition… 161 more words


Pipmen: World playing cards

The above illustration explains very plainly what the heck Pipmen are. Pipmen are not super heros like Supermen but you will still find them intriguing and highly amusing as this article progresses. 218 more words


Märchen Playing Cards

Forge Arts‘ first project on Kickstarter is Märchen (fairy tales), a playing deck depicting German folklore figures both myth and legends. Who can tell the difference? 274 more words


Roundhay Garden Scene: The Victorian Era Comes Alive (1888)

A year after his first motion picture, Louis Le Prince filmed Roundhay Garden Scene at his in-laws house in England. Like Man Walking Around a Corner, the movie is brief at 2.11 seconds, but offers a significantly clearer picture than the earlier effort.  316 more words