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• From the Pastor’s Desk •

  • · From the Pastor’s Desk ·

We have, as you have noticed, marched into March. (Or should I say March has marched in upon us?)  March is one of the two secular month names which is also a verb. 

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America needs Awakened

America needs Awakened        Agree?

Westfield needs Awakened       Agree?


YOU need Awakened                Agree?


Special  Services

Minister Ken Thompson

Evangelist, Pastor, Educator, Missionary, also Husband, Father, Grandfather  … 19 more words


Democrats, Independents, Republicans

Many messages this morning (I’d guess) will lean toward

(if not actually fall over into) politics.  Some pastors would

like to influence you how to vote Tuesday. 

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Granite would stop taking it for granted.  


Limestone would linger no longer. 


Marble would loudly marvel.


Basalt would bless.


Pumice would loudly ponder. 48 more words


Have you praise God for your own Bible?

Have you praise God for your own Bible?  Leather bound (in many cases) in nearly-new condition.  (Many Christians have no Bible or if they have one, it’s poorly bound and dog-eared.)  …

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Have you praised

How are you doing in your Praise Life?  Have you praised God already today for TODAY?  (Many people died in the last 24 hrs.)  …

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H A P P Y G R A N D P A R E N T ‘S D A Y

H A P P Y  G R A N D P A R E N T ‘S  D A Y

Thank God for grandparents!  One or more may have lived close and you got to see them often. 422 more words