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Space Probes

Humans have sent out many space probes into the vast unknown. Some are very famous, like Curiosity, Kepler, and Rosetta, whilst others are less well known. 78 more words


Mapping the far side of the Moon - movie

From an article on CNET by Michelle Starr, February 12, 2015; visualizations by Ernie Wright:

As the Moon orbits the Earth, we only ever see the one side. 206 more words


What Does The Moon Look Like From The Other Side, The Side That Can't Be Seen From Earth?

The moon like you’ve never seen it before

In a spectacular video montage the NASA scientific visualization studio shows you a view from about a hundred kilometers above the moon – at the far side, the side which is always turned away from us that is. 367 more words


What Do Lunar Phases Look Like From the Other Side of the Moon?

We’ve all seen the Moon go through its phases over the course of a month’s time (give or take a day or two) as it travels in its orbit around the Earth, and you may have even seen the cool animation from the NASA Goddard Visualization Studio showing… 284 more words


Seeing Big Data Sets | Rolling Stones

I recently explored a site called QuickMap. Images of our Moon and the planets Mars and Mercury are available in a unique interface format. I want to share some of what I found interesting about the Moon images at QuickMap. 931 more words