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Microstructure and Property Evolution in a Runout Table

Hot rolling is the process of manufacturing thin sheets from thick slabs by the process of passing them between rolls back and forth and in tandem. 293 more words

Metalworking Process

This Week in CFD

Software & Hardware

  • simFlow version 1 was released.
  • Cloud-based CFD solver Ciespace gets a nice write-up on Engineering.com but the closing statements are pretty damning, especially this one: “If they don’t get more funding they could disappear.” It’s damning because they write “more funding” not “more customers.” Is the implication that folks on the bleeding-edge of cloud-based CAE are only going to pave the way for future commercial successes?
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Using Perl to edit keyword files (and decoding regex)

Perl is a language which is best suited to manipulating text. It is efficient, and free to use (after downloading it). So you can quickly imagine it is not the most useful language for structural engineers. 1,222 more words

>Implicit & Explicit Finite Element Analysis


Implicit and Explicit are two types of approached that can be used to solve the finite element problem. The implicit approach is useful in problems in which time dependency of the solution is not an important factor whereas Explicit Dynamics approach is most helpful in solving high deformation time dependent problems such as Crash, Blast, Impact etc. 495 more words


How to establish a sandwich plate in Hypermesh(III)

Here’s part of Carbon/Epoxy Sandwich plate key file which contains all the keyword in LS-DYNA.


$$ HM_OUTPUT_DECK created ****** by HyperMesh Version 9.0b122
$$ Ls-dyna Input Deck Generated by HyperMesh Version : 9.0b122… 167 more words