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The ls command and colors

On most Linux distributions, the ls command is aliased to color-ls by default. This displays different types of files in different colors. Unfortunately, the default color for directories is blue, which is quite dark and very difficult to see against the default black background. 336 more words


perintah linux menampilkan list folder saja

Gogling : linux ls command only directories ketemu sumber SO {stackoverflow}


q> Untuk menampilkan folder dalam suatu directory :

ls -la -d */


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How to list files or directories only

There are many instances where I have wanted to list only the files or only the directories. The find tool seems to be the most convenient way to do this. 93 more words

Acura Integra: LS vs. Type-R

Driving around town, numerous Honda’s, Toyota’s and Nissan’s are seen and heard with custom paint jobs and performance tuned engines.  For car enthusiasts with a desire for speed in a less flashy package tend to look toward the affordable Acura Integra.  542 more words

ACS 213

ia64dsk: The disk for dev_t d00009b appears to have grown since the partition table was written.

We are seeing a message about a disk to have grown since the partition table was written.

We had a storage migration using an HP MPX200 router… 330 more words


It is a Tuesday.

First off before I start – I am a sad girl :( Our Wpg Family’s kitty Jabba – passed away this morning. I am going to miss him alot. 497 more words