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Bundo Julia Birthday August 31, 2015

Tahun lalu, pada tanggal dan tahun yang sama saya sedang berada diluar kota hingga tak ikut pada acara ini tahun lalu, yapp .. ini hari penting bagi Bundo kami, seorang wanita terbaik yang pernah saya kenal, sangat bijak dalam setiap keputusannya. 97 more words

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Isn't she lovely

Well.. This is a post that was inspired by someone because of a song. An amazingly stunning image came to my mind when I heard that song and it was my favorite view of all; Sunrise. 444 more words


Somewhere in hot sunny Singapore

This week I’m going to officially… Okay maybe I’m still in the training phrase but I’m going to start work soon. Actually this job is not within my comfort zone because it involves meeting up with random people and selling them something that they might not even buy. 184 more words


Blessed to be generous

“You WILL be ENRICHED in EVERY way to be GENEROUS in EVERY way.” 2 Corinthinas 9:11

Plan to be generous.

Expect to be generous.

Get ready to be generous. 443 more words

Linux list only directory

list only directory

sudo ls -la /home | egrep ‘^d’

sudo find /home -maxdepth 1 -type d

ls -d — */