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My definition of love 

Everyone have their very own definition of love or how they hope for it to be. But more often than not, things aren’t as easy as just boy meeting girl and happily ever after follows. 346 more words


*Swans - Solar Enquiry 2

What a great day!  The children enjoyed a knowledge filled question and answer session before the rest of the school joined us for a solar assembly, delivered by… 54 more words

*Swans - Sensational Fruit Salad

Brilliant fruit salads prepared by all.  A big thank you to the catering team for helping the pupils successfully prepare these delicious and healthy treats.

Men's Long Sleeve Ripstop Shirt Men's L/S Ripstop Shrt DesSnd XXL

Ripstop Nylon 5.11 Tactical Shirt4.6 oz, 100% nylon RipstopThe 5.11 Tactical Shirt is perfect for special weapons and tactics units because of its superior durability and non-static features. 194 more words

A triangular tale

Anyone heard of the Triangular theory of love? This is a theory of love developed by Robert Sternburg and I find it quite an interesting read. 376 more words


Magic in this world

Do you believe in magic?

Magic. Illusions and misdiction are often used to let people believe that magic does exist. A slight change of hands or movement can mean a million things but only the magician knows. 400 more words


How to view octal permission of file

The ls command shows the access permissions of a file or directory in the symbolic representation using rwx. Sometimes you may want the view the permissions in… 83 more words