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Με θετικό πρόσημο η είσοδος της Τράπεζας Κύπρου στο LSE

Η μετοχή έκλεισε με άνοδο 4% και 2,48% στο ΧΑΚ, ενώ ενδοσυνεδριακά παρουσίασε κέρδη μέχρι 12%.

Θετική ήταν η πρώτη της Τράπεζας Κύπρου στο Χρηματιστήριο του Λονδίνου. Η μετοχή έκλεισε με άνοδο 4% και 2,48% στο ΧΑΚ, ενώ ενδοσυνεδριακά παρουσίασε κέρδη μέχρι 12%.


Dalston's Black Students 'Are Not Black Enough' - University Lecturers

After black and ethnic minority students at SOAS claimed not to feel comfortable being taught by old white professors, white professors at prestigious Dalston University… 283 more words


Letter to British PM from climate scientists authored by Bob Ward?

Climate scientists are fond of signing their name to activist letters. Usually, these letters end in some fiasco or the other. The latest, the Guardian… 412 more words


Is the Monetary System a Fraud?

This past week, the London School of Economics, hosted an event on the Nature of Money, see details here.

One of the speakers was Dr Waltraud Schelkle, part of the LSE, an Associate Professor of Political Economy. 248 more words

Monetary System


17h35 of flight time, you would think, would have a way of destroying a human being.  Don’t get me wrong.. it destroyed me.  But anxieties, frustrations, high hopes, and pleasant surprises can have a way of manifesting themselves in the end.   408 more words

Brian Lange

How exercise benefits cognitive ability

‘No pain, no gain’ a few of my friends at the gym tell me. Some people like to train with weights, others with gymnastic machines, while others are simply training with aerobic exercises. 635 more words


The Brexit Debate Through Social Media

‘The Brexit Debate Through Social Media: deliberative discussion or deliberate dysfunction ?’
Speaker: Professor Kenneth Benoit, Professor of Quantitative Social Research Methods and Head of the Department of Methodology at The London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) 37 more words