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i.Mx28 LTIB openssl errors in UBUNTU 14.04 32bit OS

You will get the following errors while you building the openssl package in UBUNTU 14.04 32bit OS.

 1. Error in cms.pod

cms.pod around line 457: Expected text after =item, not a number… 1,520 more words

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IMX Ltib common errors

These are the common errors you may encounter while building Ltib

  • Ltib Zlib not installed error

While building ltib it may report zlib packages are missing… 315 more words

Embedded Systems

Burning IMX28 Ltib image to SD card and booting

After successful creation of bootable image as per previous post we need to do some hack in order to get the OS booted from the IMX28EVK board. 382 more words


i.MX28 LTIB on UBUNTU 13.04

I tried Ltib installation in Ubuntu 13.04 for i.MX28 board which completed successfully

First install required packages

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential zlib1g-dev rpm libncurses5-dev m4 bison liblzo2-dev uuid-dev tcl
… 1,074 more words