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LTS team at CanvasCon Europe 2017

After a much-anticipated wait, we finally reached the 10th of October which meant one thing to Bryony and Kerry … CANVASCON! Having worked solidly on our first roll out for the last 6 months, it was a sigh of relief to be able to talk to people and say ‘Yes, yes we are using Canvas and have live students’ – we did it! 724 more words

Learning Technology Services: a busy year ahead!

The Learning Technology Services (LTS) team welcomes all students and staff at St George’s to a new academic year, and what a busy and innovative one it will be for the use of technology in education at the university. 301 more words

Where I started 11 years ago

Happy Wednesday! Guess what that means, skating night. Yay! Today I am going to talk about how I started skating.

From what I can remember from 11 years ago when I was very little I was so scared to skate. 431 more words


How to get started

Hope everyone had a great Monday and enjoyed skating last night.

Today I have some tips for people to get started in a skating program no matter your age. 228 more words


Happy Monday!

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Happy Monday everyone! Skating tonight is at 7:00. Unfortunately I cannot be at the rink tonight, but I will be there Wednesday.   283 more words


How to install newest Vivaldi web browser in Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS 64-bit using bash shell script

cd /tmp
rm *.deb
wget --no-check-certificate https://vivaldi.com/download/
wget --no-check-certificate `grep deb index.html |grep amd64|cut -d"\"" -f4`
sudo dpkg -i vivaldi*.deb
sudo apt-get install -f

OpenSIPS minor releases 2.2.4 and 1.11.11

We are happy to announce a new set of OpenSIPS minor versions, namely 2.2.4 and 1.11.11 –  a total of 143 commits of fixes.

The commits are mainly addressing minor bugs in different parts of the the code like the TCP layer, network layer, rest_client, transaction module, rtpproxy , sip tracing and accounting – to name a few. 156 more words