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Tom v Lu: The Cad's Camp Speaks


Tom’s side has spoken to the press on his behalf and it’s pretty shitty. Saying Ku just married him to stay relevant on the show, she was unfaithful, and had a habit of physically attacking him. 96 more words

Two Questions

  1. What sort of person makes a detailed Wikipedia entry for Luann?
  2. How do I ensure that I never meet that person?

Luann v Tom: Sh*t Just Got Real

So Tom, the incurable cheater, was caught by Lu twice, and the last straw was when he ditched her to meet up with his ex. 54 more words

Luann Says "Love Tap", Not Slap. Tomato, Tomahto.

Lu and Tom posed for some pics to prove how happy they are-Luann clarifies it wasn’t a “slap” that night, but a mere “love tap”. Coughbullshitcough. 171 more words

Shocking News! (Sarcasm)

As Page Six (and Get Out) reported yesterday, there’s allegedly trouble in Paradise in the D’Agostino marriage. Control your shock and surprise, y’all. I had actually thought it would last at least a year. 29 more words

Halloween Mer-Monday

Yesterday, Luann had a hilarious comic in the Sunday Paper.

Below is a video that giovana lane123 did of fan art of some characters from Steven Universe as mermaids. 38 more words