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September's Scraps

People liked my compilation of things I didn’t use in August articles. I’d like to offer some more but I had fewer humor blog scraps in September. 335 more words


Statistics Saturday: My Use Of The Term 'Crazypants' Versus Time

You know how it is you just sometimes realize you’re using a word way more than normal? This happened to me recently.

If you’ve got any notable uses of the word “crazypants” or are curious about my other word uses let me know! 45 more words


RHONY: Hamptons

This week’s Real Housewives of New York takes place in the Hamptoms, with everyone going to LuAnn’s housewarming for her new home there. Heather and Carole ride together, and they talk about the other women, including Ramona who seems to be doing well considering all that she’s going through. 1,901 more words

Reality TV

Comic Strips You Might Read

Over on my mathematics blog I have a fresh round of mathematics-themed comics, so if you’ve not read that, I’d be grateful if you did. I admit I’m not deliberately trying to be funny with what I say over there, but, plenty of things I say meaning to be funny don’t pan out that way, so, maybe I can amuse people by trying the other way around. 173 more words


Daisy chain

I am blessed to know fantastic women.  Smart women.  Funny women.  Talented women.  Above all, generous women.

I don’t know all of them as well as I would like.   643 more words