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Let’s get Lubey

I’ve mentioned lube in a few posts now so maybe it’s time we talk about it properly.

What is it? Lube or personal lubricant is basically a liquid used to help sex go more smoothly. 723 more words


The Loneliness (and lessons) of the long distance swimmer

Well it’s not exactly lonely, but there is a magnificent solitude when you are training for this type of thing. Several years ago (over a quarter of a century in fact), when I used to do some long distance running, one of the things I really enjoyed about pounding the pavement was the opportunity to just clear your head and think about nothing but the next step. 380 more words

How to: Anal Sex!!!

Let me just start this post with a story of how NOT to do anal sex.

When it was my first boyfriends 18th Birthday the only thing he wanted was to try anal. 846 more words


REVIEW: Durex Play Feel Lube

Originally written on 08/01/15

I bought this lube from Tesco originally (self-serve = minimal people nosying at what you’re buying), but you can buy it basically anywhere. 274 more words



  • Calcium grease
  • Lithium grease
  • Lithium Complex grease
  • Bentone grease
  • Lithium Moly grease
  • Open Gear grease
  • Wire Rope greaselube
  • Aluminium Complex grease
  • Calcium Sulfonate grease
  • Food Grade H1 grease…
  • 6 more words

Female Feud

So this time round we surveyed 43 women. The question being…..

“What is the one thing you really want to get in your “goodies bag” at a race”? 130 more words