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Indigo Tries The Butters Raw Honey and Cocoa Butter Lubricant

7 out of 10

Would recommend if you like coconut oil as lube, or if you prefer lube from a jar.

Pairs well with a Maitai. 765 more words


Lube Pumps: How Critical They Are For Your Machinery?

Lubrication pumps are able to supply lubricant from the lubricant tank to the tubing system of the lubrication system. The manometric pressure required is high to stand for pressure drops across the tubing, components such as filters, valves, distributors and friction points. 216 more words


Flush Cock Valves

Flush cock valves are used for situations where it is absolutely critical that a valve that can shut off the lube oil flow cannot be operated when the lube oil system is pressurized and in service. 40 more words


Article - New Chain Part 1

So there I am with a big grin on my face because I’m doing one the things I love, working on my bike. I had just install a new E*13 42 tooth cog, cleaned the freehub and the rear derailleur. 409 more words

The Booty Blog: 3. Lubrication, Lubrication, Lubrication

By: Lilith

During my journey into anal and as a sex store clerk I’ve discovered one very important thing… Lube is key. Unlike the vagina, the anus, or any parts of your bum do not have a self-lubricating system. 1,042 more words


Review - SUTIL by Hathor - Best Lube Ever?

By: Lilith

There is a small but strong cultural idea that if one needs lube during sex, then someone (often the woman) is doing it wrong. 826 more words