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My 1 Step Program

Tears are made up of water, salt, antibodies and something fancy called lysozymes. There are three main kinds of tears: basal tears, reflex tears and weeping tears. 574 more words


Wicked Aqua Heat

This lube gives a little spice in the bedroom with its warming, tingling sensation. Wicked Aqua Heat is a great vegan, cruelty free alternative to KY mine and yours warming lube. 52 more words


If you feel anxious, lube is your friend

If you get anxious in bed, can’t relax, or are having a dry spell, LUBE is the way forwards.

It may sound obvious, but as a young *cough, yes, 30 is still young*, woman, I sometimes  felt like I shouldn’t need lube. 285 more words

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Experiences from hell - male urinary catheters

Penises have a number of uses. One of them is to pipe urine from the bladder out of the body through a tube called the urethra. 573 more words

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Lube City Express Oil Change opens 28th location on Friday

Lube City Express Oil Change opens its 28th service centre location on Friday, Dec.22, in Edmonton.

The soft opening is at 720 Parsons Road SW. 68 more words


Foria Review: Testing CBD / Kava Kava Lube

A few years ago I a friend told me about THC / CBD Lubricant.  I’ve been trying to get my hands on it ever since.  I have found that smoking before sex has a myriad of benefits — it relaxes my body (which gets even more tense with sex), especially the muscles of my vulva, it relaxes my mind so I feel less afraid of the pain and act, and it reduces pain perception.  879 more words