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How to Properly Clean Your Bike is 10 Easy Steps

Cleaning your bike after a ride can feel like a buzz kill but it doesn’t have to take forever. Follow these tips and you’ll get the job done quickly without damaging your bike. 21 more words


My parents asked me kindly not to write about this. That’s how I knew it was worth sharing.

This weekend my entire family (significant others and baby nephew included) rented a house in Southampton for a friend’s  wedding. 497 more words


One more thing....

I think all of the mothers out there can identify with this….have you ever sneezed an tinkled a little on yourself? Yeah, it sucks. Not funny. 685 more words


Friday’s Frequently Asked Questions #16

Q: “I’ve always thought of lube as for anal sex or if a woman can’t get wet enough, but my girlfriend says it’s a totally normal thing and wants me to get some, what should I look for?” 791 more words

Sexual Health Education

Liquid Satin lube

This lube is aptly named – it feels as soft as satin. It is simply packaged in a pale blue bottle with light coloured lettering, so this is something nobody would question if they saw it on your bedside table – it could be body lotion. 175 more words

Ann Summers

Periods & Sex

I made an interesting observation tonight while out with my mother. We were at Shaheen Chemist in F-6/2, Islamabad where we had gone to get ice cream. 500 more words


#FridayFive - 5 myths about lube

  1. Lube is sticky.

Some lubes are, that’s fair enough. Some lubes stick your fingers together and make you feel like Winnie the Pooh sticking his paw in the honey pot. 582 more words