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How I recovered from a "login loop" on Lubuntu 16.04

I did this on a laptop running Lubuntu 16.04.1. This should work on any Linux system though…

A login loop is when you attempt to login to a Linux based OS, when when you go to login it just loops back to the same login screen, It can be absolutely annoying and some cases are worse then others. 391 more words


Hello Jessie!

Setelah sekian lama bersama Lubuntu, kini saya mencoba mendekati Jessie, salah satu varian terbaru Debian. Meski sama-sama menggunakan desktop environment berbasis LXDE, namun si Jessie sejauh ini terasa lebih ringan dibanding Lubuntu. 212 more words


Mengembalikan panel Lubuntu yang hilang

Cara menampilkan kembali panel Lubuntu di bagian bawah yang hilang karena terhapus tak sengaja. How to restore the default Lubuntu panel.

rm -r ~/.config/lxpanel/
lxpanelctl restart
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Dota/Dota 2 installation in Lubuntu 14.04-64bit

sudo /usr/lib/nvidia-340/bin/nvidia-xconfig
dpkg -S nvidia-xconfig

dpkg -l | grep nvidia

lshw -C video

optirun steam &

lspci | grep VGA

glxinfo | grep OpenGL
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Where do I find display brightness controls in Lubuntu?

run command

sudo apt-get install xbacklight
it will install the program, which worked great on my LXDE install on Toshiba Chromebook. xbacklight will give you the % of screen brightness, you can see the list of commands, but xbacklight -dec XX will decrease BY XX percentage, -inc XX increase.

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Farewell to Heisenbug

So the last operating system I discussed in any depth was Fedora 20, which I installed around October 2014. Given the length of support that Red Hat gives any edition of Fedora, I was lucky that it was maintained until June 2015 owing to delays to Fedora 21. 470 more words


Lubuntu startup applications

Cara melihat dan mengatur startup applications (aplikasi apa saja yang otomatis jalan ketika Lubuntu jalan).

  1. Klik Lubuntu > Preferences > Default applications for LXSession
  2. Klik…
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