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I play, like, 12 instruments. Guitar, piano, harmonica, African...

I play, like, 12 instruments. Guitar, piano, harmonica, African drums… I’m working on mastering the accordion. – Lucas Grabeel: http://dlvr.it/CWkgk9

Lucas Grabeel

'Switched at Birth' creator Lizzy Weiss on that big baby decision

Earlier this year, the hit ABC Family drama Switched at Birth made headlines with its bold, unapologetic portrayal of campus assault. When one of the main characters was the victim of a sexual assault by someone she loved and trusted, … 1,695 more words

What I've Been Looking For

I feel that in a way, this vide very loosely describes what I am feeling right now. That and it’s the first video to be put in my blog. 187 more words

We're All In This Together

Sorry for skipping yesterday. I was in a VERY minor car accident (I’m fine, my car is also fine.) So I was a little bit shaken up and didn’t feel much like writing, or reading, or doing much of anything but lying in a tub and listening to podcasts, and then lying on my couch in my Wonder Woman Snuggie (BEST VALENTINE’S PRESENT EVER! 624 more words


MY MOVIE SHELF: High School Musical 2

The Task: Watch and write about every movie on my shelf, in order (Blu-rays are sorted after DVDs), by June 10, 2015.  Remaining movies: 239  456 more words


Uncertain futures on an emotional 'Switched at Birth' summer finale

Season 3 | Episode 21 | “And Life Begins Right Away” | Aired Aug 18, 2014

Switched at Birth has always been a show grounded in realistic, beautiful family moments. 844 more words

'Switched at Birth' recap: Daphne versus the world

Season 3 | Episode 19 | “You Will Not Escape” | Aired Aug 4, 2014

It’s Senior Ditch Day on Switched at Birth, and that means crazy is in the air—crazy hookups, crazy secrets and flat-out-crazy flip-outs. 1,225 more words