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MacGyver SN1 E9 - Chisel

I want to apologize for being so late with this review… I’ve had a crappy week.  However, I’m on the mend and refuse to stay down for long… kinda like Team Mac. 751 more words

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New 'Monster Trucks' Trailer: Lucas Till & Creech Show Off Their Selfie Skills

Paramount has released a new trailer for the long-delayed live-action/CGI hybrid film Monster Trucks, helmed by Ice Age director Chris Wedge.

The pic stars Lucas Till as Tripp, an average high school senior looking for any way to get away from the life and town he was born into, and who puts together a truck from scraps. 101 more words

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MacGyver SN1 E8 - Corkscrew

Sometimes, I’m a little dense.  Sometimes, it takes me a bit to get the joke.  This time it took me exactly 8 episodes.

Cute, CBS.  Really cute. 597 more words

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MacGyver SN1 E7 - Can Opener

I must admit that I’m having a hard time writing a review for this episode because I’m too f’n excited over next week’s episode.  Why?  Well.   573 more words

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MacGyver SN1 E6 -Wrench

The opening gambit this week was my biggest fear… being trapped in my car in a deep hole while it’s being buried … well, or going under water in my car… but either way it means dying from lack of oxygen.   318 more words

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MacGyver SN1 E5 - Toothpick

This week’s opening gambit is just Mac and Jack on a “loooooooong stake out”.  Nikki has been tracked to an apartment in Lisbon, and the guys are watching it, hoping to finally catch her.   507 more words

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MacGyver SN1 E4 - Wire Cutter

It was nice to see them sticking with the “opening gambit” formula this week.  Riley, Thorton, and Jack all make it back to the getaway vehicle but Angus is late.   346 more words

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