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MacGyver SN1 E1 - The Rising

Just a friendly warning…. this review may contain spoilers!!

I will admit that I went into this as a skeptic.  I mean, I was absolutely sure that there was no way that this reboot would be as good as the original.   477 more words

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MacGyver review

The original “MacGyver” show starring ?Richard Dean Anderson was a big part of my childhood. Yeah, it was your typical cheesy 1980’s action TV series, but I still have fond memories of watching “MacGyver” with friends and family. 464 more words


Dear CBS, I just watched MacGyver

Before I start this, I’m just going to say that my twitter handle is @mynamejohn and I was kinda live tweeting it but not.

I had high hopes for this, and I’m being serious, because well, it’s MacGyver. 673 more words


The New 'MacGyver' May Be Too Slick For Its Own Good

When it debuted in 1985, MacGyver had the virtue of being a (somewhat) unique thing in the adventure TV game. Smack in the middle of the guns and quips big action ’80s, here was a hero who used his wits and eschewed guns for thrown-together tools of his own design. 563 more words


So they remade MacGyver

In a world littered with wannabe screenwriters taking up spaces in Starbucks, armed with film studies degrees and original screenplays CBS has decided to remake the 1985 classic MacGyver. 88 more words


The Disappointments Room Review

Yes, I suppose we need to get the obligatory pun on the title of this awful movie out of the way.

Q: What’s a disappointments room? 513 more words


Review of "The Disappointments Room"

Dana and David (Kate Beckinsale and Mel Raido) along with their young child Lucas (Duncan Joiner) are moving to their new home out in the country. 914 more words