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Capturing...a Silent World

Lucie & Simon are contemporary artists of photography and video installations. In their most celebrated work, Silent World, they have used neutral density filters and long exposure photography to eliminate people and cars from busy cities and streets… 146 more words

Urban News

The silence of the world, like a quotation, is suddenly endowed with an oppressive eloquence. Small intrusions are the true sparks here, because their disconcerting presence disrupts the majestic calm of the streets and squares.

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Silent World

I believe that one of the most beautiful things about a city is that there is life everywhere. You’re never alone, and it’s never completely silent. 70 more words


Silent World

Lucie & Simon (Self-taught artists living and working in Paris, France) have captured a few of the world’s most populated cities vacant of any human activity. 206 more words

ARTmonday: Lucie and Simon

Lucie & Simon,  self-taught artists who live in Paris, create photographs that outsmart our perception of reality by staging a quirky view of daily life. 54 more words


Link: Lucie & Simon Silent World

Though Lucie & Simon hardly need me to share their work, in my quest to rediscover what inspires me about photography their short film ‘Silent World’ stirred my curiosity. 217 more words

ART/ Silent world -

Fascinating and disturbing emptiness by Lucie and Simon (French and German photographers working together since 2005).