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Video: Lucifer Cast Teases Season 3 Mystery, Tom Welling's Rattling Role

Having his wings restored may be the least angelic thing to ever happen to Lucifer, it is teased in this exclusive video.

Lucifer Season 3 Preview: Wing Mystery, No-Nonsense Lawman Vex the Devil… 185 more words


The Monster Comes at Night

It goes like this.  The girl is born with a silver spoon, with gold hair and teeth like pearls, but inside she is death and moonlight magic, a graveyard his coffin fits into, and the Devil lusts after the glimmering strands of her wyrd, like an amber and pink aurora borealis, and the way her blood redeems him simmered to a fine stewing panic on his tongue. 628 more words

Found some demons in my archives

I was going through some old folders today and found this little piece from my first degree, short stories are not usually my thing but I was quite proud of this one. 1,881 more words


Supernatural Season 11 Episode 9

Supernatural Season 11 Episode 9

O Brother Where Art Thou?

Amara is become a woman, she kill group of men during they are shouting for god. 231 more words


I'm on TDY from Hell - The Beginning of the End

The battle lines were drawn as Michael and Satan walked calmly to their respective sides of the gym. The heavy-hitters stood on the frontlines: Seere, Lucifer, and Satan against the two archangels. 4,134 more words

Gerald Fuller

Clinton vs. Bush, or Why you should have Multiple Children

As the only heir of the immensely wealthy and powerful Clinton family, Chelsea has been thrust into the public spotlight following her mother’s electoral defeat. 823 more words

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