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Happy birthday, Lucifer

70 years ago yesterday, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery took charge of a magnificent statue by Jacob Epstein, named ‘Lucifer’

Towards the end of the second world war, Epstein was becoming more fascinated by the story of the fallen angel.   209 more words


Analysis - Lucifer Season 1 Overview

Now that I’ve gone over each episode individually in previous posts, I wanted to talk about season one of Lucifer as a whole.  As a side note, season 2 has just recently finished airing and I may talk about it briefly in this post, but I’m going to try to keep it to a minimum because I don’t want to go into too much detail about it until I start covering that season itself. 3,165 more words


The Journey To Hell. Conversation 16

The conversation continues. There will be a change ..

“Life is strange, and desire is strong,                                                                                                 Difficult then, to distinguish between right and wrong.                                                               I wanted money, I wanted glory,                                                                                                         I desired strongly, to write my story;                                                                                                 In the brightest colours, and in a blaze of light,                                                                                     I would then light up the cold, dark night.” 260 more words


Jared Kushner: Middle East peace broker or a Darker Persona?

As if recent world events in relation to God’s Word (Father of Jesus) aren’t captivating enough, things are about to get “turnt up” if what I think are God’s warnings are true regarding Revelation and the beginning of the Tribulation. 871 more words

Seven Mortal Sins Episode 10: Atonement

The leader of the Mortal Sins is less than pleased with recent events, and as such her unruly subordinates have to be punished. Meanwhile, Lucifer continues heading towards her destination. 449 more words


Fox Announces Season Premiere of 'Lucifer', 'The Exorcist' and new show 'Ghosted'

Miss your Fox horror shows? Don’t fear, they’re finally coming back!

‘Lucifer’, the chronicle of the devil living on Earth, is starting up season 3 on Monday, October 2nd at 8:00. 107 more words



Published on May 23, 2017

BREAKING: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES: The treason in Washington D.C. runs very deep but TRUMP JUSTICE has now come to town.

358 more words