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Lucifer's Tom Welling on Going From 'Boring' Pierce to World's First Murderer

Make no mistake, Tom Welling knew exactly what he was getting into when he signed on for Season 3 of Fox’s Lucifer, where it took a full 10 episodes to reveal his seemingly humdrum character’s true identity. 469 more words


Evil, exorcism and gross stupidity.

My neighbour annoyed me profusely so, I did the Christian thing, and beat his four-year-old grandson to death. The following scriptures exonerate me and, prove that the child is culpable for the sins of the “fathers”. 1,546 more words

An Encounter with Lucifer

I met Lucifer the Witch Father, and his consort in Dream in late 2014, many moons before I would know for sure that it had in fact been them I encountered. 638 more words


Writing Prompt #1

The devil has come to you confessing that he is bored and wants you to assume his position in exchange for immortality while he goes on to live a mortal life.

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Writing Prompt


Thanks to Fox’s Lucifer, I have a newfound appreciation and obsession with Tom Ellis. I tried to deny my new obsession. Yet, there are so many reason I love Tom Ellis. 1,998 more words

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Movie Notes: Captain EO

I know, I know…technically, the 1986 3D sci-fi production Captain EO is not a movie. Rather, it’s a 17-minute Michael Jackson video that just happens to be directed by Francis Ford Coppola, co-written by George Lucas, and shown exclusively at Disneyworld. 2,145 more words

The Rabbit Hole

Psalms Two

What’s Wrong With The World

The Psalmist, David layed out very perfectly and skillfully in his second Psalm why our leaders have a problem with God. 1,190 more words