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Lucifer fanfic part 4

By the time she’d gotten home Alice was so frazzled that she just fell into bed, something she vaguely regretted when she woke up. She cleaned and healed up the cuts but left the bruise as she’d already been seen with it and its sudden disappearance would raise questions, though she did dull the pain somewhat. 3,540 more words


Heidi Cullinan shares thoughts on 'Lucifer' season 3, episode 8, 'Chloe Does Lucifer': We're all in the gutter

The premise of this episode is multilayered: Lucifer has softened from his wicked ways as a whole (a realization which troubles him), and Chloe is attempting to take on more of Lucifer’s flirty persona because of a case they’re trying to solve. 2,267 more words


'The Voice' Ratings Fall To Monday Low, 'Supergirl' Steady + NFL Inflations

A very close Monday Night Football match-up between the winning Atlanta Falcons and the Seattle Seahawks up on ESPN took the night overall, but among the Big 4 it was a victory for ABC – for now. 283 more words

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Review| Why You Need To Watch Lucifer (TV Series)

Before you brush this post probably because you don’t know what I’m talking about, please hear me out!

Lucifer is a TV show on Fox that I came to know about from a local entertainment store owner. 404 more words


Lucifer, episode eight

Lucifer is enjoying a night with Chloe and Trixie. They play Monopoly. He gets home to find Amenadiel there. They fight about him being boring and then he goes to check on Linda. 518 more words



What if the outcast angels didn’t fall at all – what if they were shattered? What if their clever minds and rebellious souls could not be trusted anywhere, even the pits of hell, and so instead God shattered them and scattered the shards of their beings across all of existence, that they might never be made whole again? 93 more words



A lifetime of seeking
to walk the right road,
a lifetime of reaping
the seeds that I’ve sowed,
a lifetime of aiming
and shots in the dark, 178 more words