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Kinda hard for lesbian couples to have a baby without one ain't it...?

⚡️ 😂

Lamentations 3:38

Is it not from the mouth of the Most High that both calamities and good things come? I said the realization out loud first… 37 more words


They be like, alright we will drop Hanna down into Instagram to see how fast the beast absorbs her life...

*3 days later….* 🤣

https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Isaiah+49-57&version=NIV 🤣

Yeah nothing but Hanna all around the web as the next rising skyrocketing star….😂


They be like, great Jordan has another love and crush, now we are going to have to keep hiring her for films and shoots….🤣 … 74 more words


the trap

the future rides
in violently
carrion wings.

defeats long past
with visions of possibility.

innocent eyes
burn with fear,
and with hope.

What It Is

Luciferian Ancestors : Madeleine Montalban

Madeline Montalban was an accomplished occultist and ceremonial magician, an astrologer, writer, journalist and teacher who co-founded her own esoteric school of high magic called the “Order of the Morning Star” (OMS), through which she propagated her own form of Luciferianism. 1,862 more words

Traditional Witchcraft

The Satan

The story of Satan is found in both the Old and New Testament, but it takes a bit of time and research to see how this character works out. 38 more words


People assume being a Knight means being the Hero...

In all reality? A Knight is just a killer painted as a hero for killing in whatever ways metaphorically and/or otherwise for the right reasons, whatever those are. 62 more words


Regardless of the modern world...

I signed up to be an Anglican Knight who holds the Title Lucifer, meaning Chivalry is far from dead..

Defending and sticking up for many is what I do. 239 more words