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Suckled by beelzebeb

And his cold, dark, creaky, heavy hands.

Taunted and teased by the Grand Bitch Ashtaroth.

Mislead by Lord Lucifer.

Lucifer 2 ep.2 trailer break down - Mommy's a liar ?

Liar liar slutty dress on fire is the official tittle for Lucifer 2 episode 2, FOX serial TV released the sneak peek trailer after successfully delivered first episode. 224 more words

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Rock’s Sympathy for the Devil


A lot of stories circulate about musicians that are into the dark occult. While some of those stories ring true several others are fiction. 5,102 more words

The Occult

Lucifer Season 2 - Episode One Discussion


This is going to be a pretty spoiler free discussion, but if there are any moments in the blog where I feel might be a tad spoilery I will let you know.  394 more words

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Dancing with Murder

Monday night I had my plate full. Or so I thought it was full, really it was just a matter of me being lazy and not really knowing what to do. 698 more words


LUCIFER Season 2 Ep.1 - Dimanakah Ibu Lucifer?

Akhirnya kesampaian juga nonton Lucifer season 2 episode pertama, si iblis satu ini memang nggak ada matinya, apalagi dengan muka Tom ellis super ganteng terpampang dimana mana, hehe. 388 more words