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Some babbling about Tv and James Bond

Some spoilers for The Exorcist Tv series if you haven’t seen it already. And I guess, Game Of Thrones. Lol.

I love writing. I love writing fanfic. 691 more words


All Knowing

I believe everything was known and planned for even before the angels were created. God knew Lucifer would turn and take many with him and he knew Lucifer would cause Adam and eve to sin and drag billions of humans to his way and knew that Christ would die for us and knew the ending of it all. 678 more words

Enciende La Luz

Lo tibio en realidad no llega a ser malo, ni siquiera sabes lo que es por eso es tan peligroso .

  • Si algo no llega a ser, no te esta dando referencia para poder cambiarlo.
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Some series that I stopped watching

I usually write an entire review about a single show, but this time I decided to share some series that I stopped watching along the line for various reasons. 374 more words

TV Series

Vessels For Destruction

You see that when we have vessels that are no longer of use to us, we throw them away or dash them to another. Well, God has no other god besides Him so He destroys His vessels when they’re not anymore profitable to Him. 331 more words


Texas Hill Country: Lucifer

I heard on the radio that everyone had a new name for this heat we have been experiencing this summer….Lucifer.  Well that had me digging through my photos on my phone for this one and I will grant you that the car was just sitting but it was sitting in the shade and, even then, 118 is off the charts…..

Texas Hill Country

Trump's calling

Location: Hell.

Putin, Merkel and Trump are asking Lucifer for them to call their own countries to see what’s the news. Putin has called for five minutes and then asks for the payment. 59 more words