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Lucille II

It had been horrendous all week; the storms had only ceased last night and this morning I awoke to the refreshing warmth of the sun. Although, in London, the warmth of the sun was really the only thing you felt; the smog covered the sky like clouds with only small beams of light shining through as though from the heavens. 880 more words


so...who took it like a champ?

I know we’re a full five months out from The Walking Dead’s Season 7 premiere, but I find myself thinking more and more about that infamous final scene to Season 6. 1,346 more words


New Band: Lucille

Lucille are a hipster’s wet dream. Actually, no. That’s unfair. Lucille are a very good band, that hipsters will probably enjoy. 

The reason for this, is because the music they play, is the kind that is being played on repressed vinyls every day in artisan cafés. 195 more words

New Music

The Rhyming Dead... Lucille

Rick had acted recklessly
Deciding to attack
Now, in the woods at midnight
There was no turning back

The Saviors have numbers
And weapons on their side… 144 more words



Broken, defeated, slumped to their knees, our heroes are in mortal peril.  Whether they’re in pee-pee pants city or getting real close to it, the situation is out of their hands.  1,451 more words


Zen Corridors | lucille

At an art gallery/bar/all round wonderfully pretentious East London venue, a left-leaning friend of mine asks me about my new school. I describe some features of the knowledge curriculum. 78 more words

[Watch] Who does Negan execute in the season finale of the Walking Dead...

If you’re like us then the cliffhanger at the end of season 6 of the walking dead is eating away at you from the inside… Looper has put this video together to help put your mind at ease…

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