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Luck-One Changes His Name To Hanif, Keeps His Usual Wit In 'Gentrify' Video

“All I’m saying is, I agree with riding bikes…in theory.”

You ever hear something and just know that it’s going to be gold? Hanif, formerly known as Luck-One, begins his video for “Gentrify” by riling up yours truly with the mention of bicyclists, all of which just so happen to be my arch nemeses. 99 more words


My Own Damn List

Yesterday Juice Radio wrapped up their Freshest in the Northwest list. Here’s the final rankings:

#1 Raz Simone, #2 Gifted Gab, #3 Sol, #4 Nacho Picasso, #5 Tope, #6 Thaddeus David, #7 Luck-One, #8 Grynch,#9 Sam Lachow,#10 Leezy Sorpano… 817 more words


Luck-One - Afros

I’ve been listening to Luck’s Weekly Wonders and they’ve been hit or miss for me. I mean, the songs are all good, but just because a song is good, doesn’t mean I’ll actually like it. 89 more words


AUDIO | "Chalk 'Em Out" @LuckOne @propaneLV

Hailing from Portland, OR and now living in NYC Luck-One teams up with PropaneLV for this dope cut. It’s produced by Chi Duly and is apart of Luck’s # 41 more words


Feelings and Music and Lists, Oh My!

In case you’ve been asleep all week, the Northwest interwebs are abuzz with talk of another top ten list. At least this one is reputable. With the Freshest in the NW list dropping one by one this week, the tension is building, Twitter is crying, and they’ve only made it to #8. 252 more words


Luck-One Ft. Caitlin Cardier - "Harder By The Day"

“Harder By The Day” captures that laid back, lazy feel of summertime caused by long, hot days. With a mellow vibe, Luck sounds almost resigned in his grind. 45 more words


My 2014 Summer Playlist

Some pretty dope music has come out of the Northwest during the first half of this year. From seasoned vets, to up and coming artists, it seems like everyone is putting out their best music lately. 164 more words