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Chapter 2, Day 61: Eternal Sickness

Today is March 2, 2015 and I woke up sicker than I have been the last week. I swear, when I get sick I stay sick forever. 45 more words


From Jen: Make Your Own Luck

Happy March everybody! Much like New Years, I love the beginning of a new month. A mini-fresh start! New goals set, a new focus and a new theme! 346 more words

Goal Setting

All ways lead to Temple Bar

Weekend is over! And what a weekend! It was the birthday of one of my best friends and so we decided to make it special by doing what we know best… Travel! 307 more words

Lucky numbers

In our part of the world, the number seven is considered lucky whereas thirteen has largely negative associations.  As a lapsed pure mathematician, I view both as being irreducible in the ring of integers – and did learn the times table for both when in Mr Oliver’s class, back in 1976 (this, at a time, when you were only expected to go as far as twelve – so I was clearly showing off even then). 1,367 more words

I was afraid

I was afraid of dying last night. Terrified. Full blown existential angst. It took me back to my childhood. I lay there trying to fathom why that fear was back again – my old enemy. 417 more words


My Chance Encounter with Fred Armisen

I have had a fabulous past few days, but nothing can top what happened last night.

Natasha Lyonne, of Orange is the New Black and  522 more words

Broad City

Vive La Lady

Napoleon remarked (why did he make that common mistake of trying to invade Russia – in winter) that a general is NOTHING without “fortune” (French pronunciation) on his side. 398 more words