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Dearest Neeraja

Dearest Neeraja,

Given that this letter will be seen by the world (or as much of the world as reads my blog), my intimate salutation makes me feel vulnerable, but it’s fitting. 681 more words

Guest Editorial

By Prof. Nadeem Hasnain & Aseem Hasnain

Lucknow, Awadh’s capital of yore, has been famous for its Urdu poets, tehzeebadab-o-ikhlaq1,471 more words

Issue 7/Lucknow's Many Muslims


By Mehru Jaffer

The time spent abroad made me most aware of my Lucknowiyat more than any other decade in my life. Today exploring Lucknowiyat, or an entire way of life, excites me more than mere Muslimness, or religion that is only one part of my personality. 1,512 more words

Issue 7/Lucknow's Many Muslims

Tughra Calligraphy in Lucknow and Calligrapher Syed Azeem Haider Jafri

By Saiyed Anver Abbas

Arabic, Persian  and Urdu calligraphy is practiced to present the written word in different styles in the most beautiful form. This art is known as ‘Khattati’ and the calligrapher practicing the skill or art is known as ‘Khattat’.  2,113 more words

Issue 7/Lucknow's Many Muslims

The Tawa’ifs of Lucknow

By Nishat Haider

Delineating aspects of Lucknow’s pre-rebellion Shia cultural heritage and tawa’if-bazi (courtesan culture), this paper maps out the role of the tawa’if in performing and preserving the… 1,657 more words

Issue 7/Lucknow's Many Muslims

An Islamic Seminary of Lucknow: Cloister or College?

By Christopher Taylor

The Islamic seminary (madrasa) of Nadwat ul-‘Ulama sprawls along the crest of a slope rising up from the northeast bank of the river Gomti. 1,526 more words

Issue 7/Lucknow's Many Muslims