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Aren't your kids a little old for that?

Everyone tells you how all kids are different, and mine certainly are – from each other, from other kids, from me.  Something everyone in our family has in common, though, is a love of cereal.   414 more words

Contented Sighs

lucky charms cake

makes six servings

this cake is a crowd-pleaser, and i’d recommend making it if you have a lot of time on your hands. the process of picking all the marshmallows out of the kibble-like cereal requires punctilious patience, as does sticking them onto the cake in a way that no two of the same are touching. 203 more words

Chapter 4.7 Is This The End

Well how about that two chapters in one day, you lucky, lucky people.

Last time Martha grew up, her younger sisters were super cute and K-9 became a big dog. 577 more words


Chapter 4.6 See My Cake

Hi, hope everyone enjoyed the Easter bank holidays.  Last time Rory became a child, Susan & Romana were born and Ready Brek thought his parents old bedroom was the perfect place to woohoo with his wife. 401 more words


The Person You Grew Up To Be Based On Your Favorite Cereal

Fruity Pebbles, Lucky Charms, Frosted Flakes? You probably had a love relationship with one of those three unless you had a health-conscious mother who made you eat whole wheat Cheerios or Raisin Brand. 25 more words


Lucky Charms

Birthday Breakfast

The kind of breakfasts that dreams are made of, well in my opinion anyway.

Lucky Charms for the win, every time.

Skandium tray and Conran Shop napkin.


March reflection

So for those of you paying attention, I have a word count goal and a miles walked goal for each month (30,000 words and 50 miles respectively). 310 more words

Writer's Thoughts