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From the mouth of Willow. Chewy plastics.

Me: What would you like for breakfast, Willow?

Willow: I want some chewy plastics.

Me: Lucky charms it is then.


30 Days of Author Gratitude: Characters

Kind of along the same lines as my gratitude for readers blog, I suppose a novelist could have a book without characters…I am just not sure how that would work… 345 more words

Writer's Thoughts

30 Days of Author Gratitude: Future Plans

“The future’s so bright…I gotta wear shades” (Timbuk3)

Sorry if this gets in anyone’s head…and I am not even sure if the artist meant it as positive as most people take it, but when I think about my future plans, this is the phrase that pops in my head. 359 more words

Writer's Thoughts

Cereal Is Important

The little marshmallows in his cereal made Chuck smile. They were childish and not particularly nutritious, sure, but they were delicious and the high point of most of his days. 295 more words


How to Blog on Friday The 13th.

  • Turn on your computer, go into WordPress, and make a post…  But don’t forget to type with your fingers crossed!
  • Don’t post while walking under a ladder…  You may get paint on your iPhone!
  • 191 more words

The Superman Fall (AKA Why I Should Just Stop Getting Out Of Bed)

I can’t walk.

What do I mean by that? Don’t worry, I wasn’t in some horrible accident that has caused me to lose the ability to lose my legs. 604 more words