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Cereal and the Single Girl

Back when I used to care about things like social media metrics and such, some aggregator of, I don’t know, Twitter Divination, alerted me that “Your feed is influential on the topic of breakfast food.” Good to know, I guess, considering that I’m a Serious Author. 390 more words

Lucky Charms Series

So First Down met it’s publication date of 2016…it was mid-December, but it still says 2016 on it, so it counts. So far, people have seemed to like to my crew of characters, which is always the best compliment. 241 more words

Writer's Thoughts

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Lucky Charms

Born on Mardi Gras day (and new music too)

When I visit a fellow musician’s studio, I’m sometimes surprised and scared by the strict, almost military tidiness where any trace of life seems to have been removed. 490 more words


not-so-magically delicious

It is probable that, if asked, the Purrito would state that I have the palate of a child. Were I in said room, I would protest that I don’t have the palate of a child, and would proceed to flail in the argument until, in desperation, that I don’t know any kids that like wine, foie gras, or (to reach back before our time in France) kimchi. 312 more words



I know you’re impressed by my culinary skills. Marshmallows are great for any meal.