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The Passage Tomb by Dot

“Hi Hannah, it’s Clare. Can I come over?” I can tell from her voice something is wrong. I think I know what it might be, and I’m right. 2,318 more words

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Summer is for reading...

Summer is for reading…

On average I read about two books a week. That takes into account the times when I don’t read much at all and those times when you can’t prise my fingers away from the book. 799 more words


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Vivienne is kind enough to mention my books! xxxxxxxxx

Babipur Clothing Lucky Dip

A few weeks ago Babipur were asked by their customers if they would consider putting up lucky dips for nappies or clothing. Jolene and Peter replied saying they had quite a lot of clothing from brands that were now out of season and taking up warehouse space and it would be the perfect way to clear space for stock. 339 more words


Frank's story

Ken writes:

I like this as a piece of calligraphy really. I guess watching Dot writing short stories has inspired Frank to give it a go. 201 more words

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Not only cruel but thick!

As many of you know, I used to be be a veterinary nurse, so it takes very little thought on my part to look at this picture of a cat’s leg, to work out it was inflicted by something similar to the picture above and that the animal would have been restrained because no creature is going to stay still to be used as a pincushion once the first wound is inflicted. 206 more words

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The Man in the Library by Dot

Sarah had decided she was in love with the young man who worked in the library. His days seemed irregular, but he was normally there on Tuesdays, so she went there every Tuesday on her way home from school. 1,644 more words

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Triple A: Author Ailsa Abraham

I think all human beings are interesting, but sometimes it’s hard to discover the interesting parts. That’s not true of my guest today – ex-biker, shaman, Bipolar coper, expat, caravanner, author, knitter and much more. 1,245 more words


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I had a great visit with Miram.