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On spoken word poetry and the truth.

Poetry, to me, is the best medium for the written word. When you combine metre, rhyme, and structure to a story or concept and then tell a tale with it, you maximise the potential for greatness. 731 more words


Free Will, Schmee Will

But of making many notes there is no end!

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It may be asked what the putative purpose of these notes is. 5,305 more words

De La Philosophie Impure

The Kerchief of Time

The next episode of the User’s Guide to Thucydides will be posted by the end of the week, I promise – not least because there may then be a pause as I flee the country for a bit of rest and relaxation before the Classical Association Conference in Bristol after Easter. 729 more words


Fear is the Mind-Killer? (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 2.53-61)

“But what if we see that these things are ridiculous and contemptible,
that, in truth, man’s fear and lurking anxiety
do not shudder at the sound of arms or fierce weapons… 379 more words


We Are Masters of our Dreams and Delusions: Lucretius, DRN 4.453-468

“When sleep has conquered our limbs with sweet rest
And our whole body lies in the deepest slumber,
Then our limbs still watch and seem to move… 235 more words


Dust Particles In A Shaft Of Light

A beam of sunlight filters in through an open window of a room bathed in shadow. The air is still. In the ray of light, dust particles bounce off of one another, illuminated.
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Lucretius, Nothing Is Knowable, and More (De Rerum Natura, 4.469-477)

“In addition, if anyone thinks nothing can be known, he does not know
whether or not it can be once he confesses that he knows nothing. 148 more words