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John Dryden to an unidentified person

A hardcore Latin-grammar blog, this one, leavened with some Jacobites. You have been warned.

Stephen Bernard, author of this excellent publication, is now producing an edition of the surviving letters of the poet… 2,510 more words


On the Nature of Things

While reading Stephen Greenblatt’s The Swerve, I became interested in Lucretius, the Roman philosopher and poet who authored De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things). 50 more words


Lucretius limbers up

Everything is made of invisible particles.

The particles are infinite in number.

All particles are in motion in an infinite void.

The universe has no creator. 198 more words

The Spirit of Feeling

Lucretius ties noose around Lucifer’s neck

an inferno gambit strikes matches on a plain

tired pain tractably expressed through crackles of dust

vermillion sun hangs yellow as sun-lit sulphur… 28 more words


Wednesday Wisdom - Thinking Words, #8, 2015

You, who out of black darkness were first to lift up a shining light, revealing the hidden blessings of life – you are my guide, O glory of the Grecian race.  

106 more words

Upon Entering A Classroom: Unsolicited Reflections on Teaching

My collaborator and co-conspirator Palaiophron recently achieved a long-term goal of obtaining a position as a Latin teacher in a local high school. Over 15 years ago, I started on my… 1,844 more words


Athens Gave us Everything!? (Lucretius, De Rerum Natura, 6.1-11)

“Athens, that famous name, first gave to sickly man
Fruit bearing crops long ago and with them
Created life anew and called for laws
And first offered the sweet comforts of life… 148 more words