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I Open a Book...

I open a book. The words breathe serenity into my being –

“Handful of dust, you stagger me—
I did not dream the world was so full of the dead, 910 more words


Et genus humanum multo fuit illud in arvis
durius, ut decuit, tellus quod dura creasset,
et maioribus et solidis magis ossibus intus
fundatum, validis aptum per viscera nervis, 403 more words


Si possent homines, proinde ac sentire videntur
pondus inesse animo quod se gravitate fatiget,
e quibus id fiat causis quoque noscere et unde
tanta mali tamquam moles in pectore constet, 352 more words

Take Time to Think

Quotes to ponder

You cannot plough a field by turning it over in your mind. Author unknown 100 more words

De Rerum Natura : The End

Lucretius finished up his answers to life, the universe, and everything, with Meteorology and Geology. Surprisingly, it was more enjoyable than his writings on sex. 135 more words


De Rerum Natura : Chapter Five

After feeling let down by the last two sections, Book Five: Geology and Cosmology holds up much better.

Lucretius was forced to admit that he didn’t have the definitive answer to the origin of the universe, the motion of the sun, light from the moon, and eclipses so he offered several possible theories. 125 more words


De Rerum Natura : Chapter 4

Book Four of Lucretius’s De Rerum Natura is entitled “Sensation and Sex.” A better title might be “Sensation, More Sensation, Even More on Sensation, Another Thought on Sensation, and Girls are Icky.” 237 more words