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'Rain bringing out the contours in everything'

Last October I cited John Hull’s audio diary in which he said ‘Cognition is beautiful.  It is beautiful to know.’   Last week, I watched the film ‘ 410 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Chapter 6

Decadence & Desire

The Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD) defines lupa, -ae f. as 1. A she-wolf. 2. A prostitute. This won’t surprise anyone who learned a bit of basic Latin alongside the stock Roman myths at school (but only if you went to… 446 more words


Books Review #3: The Classics and Penguin Classics

  1. Lucretius. Stallings, A. E., trans. 2015 (hardcover reprint). The Nature of Things. New York: Penguin Classics.
  2. Sayers, Dorothy L. 1957 (paperback). The Song of Roland…
  3. 1,076 more words

Analogy becomes Reality: Lucretius, Code, and the Future of Music

The Roman poet Lucretius believed all things to be comprised of invisible particles, atoms. In his monumental On the Nature of Things he describes these building blocks as letters making up words and sentences: 459 more words

mortality and the soul

Thus in this way each man is running from himself, yet still
Because he clings to that same self, although against his will,
And clearly can’t escape from it, he loathes it; for he’s ill… 67 more words



This dread, these shadows of the mind, must thus be swept away

This dread, these shadows of the mind, must thus be swept away                                                           Not by rays of the sun nor by the brilliant beams of day,                                                                              But by observing Nature and her laws. 6 more words


Atheist Beliefs -- Part I

Atheist Beliefs

Part I – Ancient Beliefs

Atheism is a belief system.  Atheists don’t like to admit it but it is.  They want us to believe atheism is physically rational, based on scientific facts, not beliefs.  3,653 more words