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De Rerum Natura : Chapter 2

After Finnegans Wake anything seems like an easy read, even a Roman poem about the nature of atoms.

In Book Two, “Movement and Shape of Atoms,” some of what Lucretius argues holds up. 173 more words


De Rerum Natura: Chapter 1

De Rerum Natura (On the Nature of Things or On the Nature of the Universe) is a 2,000 year old poem by the Roman philosopher Lucretius. 204 more words


Chapter 6 [Part 2]

He found he had drifted extra muros, both figuratively as well as literally, and only now rediscovered a connection with his feet encountering soft, uneven grass instead of crackling, raked gravel. 1,057 more words


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I can be heard reading five of my poems at this link. I am Aaron.


Lucretius -- Part I -- The Fear of Death

Part I – The Fear of Death

On my office bookshelf, I have a 54-volume set of the Great Books of the Western World. Most of these books now are available on the internet. 3,714 more words

Thoughts of Epicurus: The Good Life

Epicurus was a Greek philosopher who lived in the third century B.C., and was a massive influence on the Roman philosopher/poet Lucretius. Epicurus was an atomist, who believed everything, including the mind, was corporeal. 230 more words


Need, Benefit, Fear: Ancient Thinkers on the Origin of the Social Contract

We often make a lot of noise about our political beliefs and affiliations without coming straight out and saying what we think a government is for. 918 more words