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Upon Entering A Classroom: Unsolicited Reflections on Teaching

Next week, I start my 18th semester of teaching at my institution. This also means I am well into my second decade of teaching. At the same time, my collaborator and co-conspirator Palaiophron is starting a new position as a Latin teacher in a local high school. 2,041 more words


Josh Bell's Meditation on Epigraphs

Prompted by a kind rejection from Diagram Magazine,  I wandered over to their page to poke around through their new issue. Josh Bell’s essay, “ 97 more words


- Lucretius

The wailing of the newborn infant is mingled with the dirge for the dead.


David Berlinski – On the crisis of historiography-Uncommon Knowledge and what is admissible to consider

Here is some more of David Berlinski being interviewed by Peter Robinson on the contrast of St Augustine’s reinterpretation of history, watching the fall of Roman civilization from across the Mediterranean versus the poverty of our own intellectual position in the early 21st watching the fall of our own civilization on the internet: 535 more words


In Sleep Our Dreams Seem Real: Lucretius, De Rerum Natura 4.453-461

“And when sleep has bound our limbs with sweet
slumber and the whole body lies in deep repose,
we still seem to ourselves to be awake and to move… 116 more words


John Dryden to an unidentified person

A hardcore Latin-grammar blog, this one, leavened with some Jacobites. You have been warned.

Stephen Bernard, author of this excellent publication, is now producing an edition of the surviving letters of the poet… 2,690 more words