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Why Beatrix Kiddo Is One Of The Best Action Movie Protagonists

Beatrix Kiddo is the protagonist-of-many-names from the two Kill Bill films by Tarantino, and she’s probably one of the greatest, yet most under-appreciated characters the action genre of movies has ever brought us. 733 more words


Kill Bill Volume 1

Plot: The bride (an assassin) wakes up from a coma after her fiance tried to murder her on her wedding day. After losing her baby and almost her life she sets out on a plan for revenge. 156 more words


Kung Fu Panda

Released 2008 Rating PG in UK Director Mark Osborne, John Stevenson Writer/s Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger Starring 151 more words

Ballistic: Ecks vs Sever (2002)

Antonio Banderas and Lucy Liu chase each other through a hail of bullets, broken glass and pointless explosions in this borderline nonsensical action flick.

I literally cannot even attempt a synopsis of the plot because it makes so little sense. 141 more words



Shut up. Your side eye and the smart ass remarks you’re mumbling under your breath is not needed here, because this film can 100% be revamped and kick ass. 595 more words