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PressTV: US not a democracy, but a ‘firmly entrenched oligarchy’: Analyst

Fri Oct 3, 2014 7:21AM GMT

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A US political commentator has said that Americans should know the United States is not a democracy, but instead “a very firmly entrenched oligarchy” that cannot be simply changed through elections. 432 more words


lucy parsons. radical. iww. thinking fellers union local 282.

ever heard of lucy parsons? today is the anniversary of her death. i didn’t know that. the good folks at occupy gave me the 411 on my facebook feed. 783 more words

Wednesday's Woman ... Lucy Parsons

Lucy Parsons as she was best known was born c1853 in Waco, Texas, she claimed she was not black but a child of a native American and a Mexican; Although she provided a variety of maiden names on different documents she claimed her name was Gonzales to verify her Mexican ancestry. 439 more words

Wednesday's Wise Women

Why Scotland should vote yes.

it will hopefully set a precedent, and other parts of the country will request independence from Great Britain. Let’s face it why be part of an antiquated country, headed by an inbred, social dysfunctional family; run by a political system that doesn’t offer choice only varieties of the same thing, with it’s main objective of maintaining the hierarchical status quo based on privilege and wealth. 77 more words

Social History

Radical Dirigibles- Black Socialists, Anarchists, Reformers and Airships

“Socialism is the preparation for that higher Anarchism; painfully, laboriously we mean to destroy false ideas of property and self, eliminate unjust laws and poisonous and hateful suggestions and prejudices.”–H.G. 3,307 more words


Black Women Power: Lucy Parsons

The Chicago police labeled her “more dangerous than a thousand rioters.” For almost 70 years, Lucy Parsons fought for the rights of the poor and disenfranchised in the face of an increasingly oppressive industrial economic system. 110 more words

Black Women Power