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How to revise history – tips from an expert | Lucy Parsons

To carry on my series of posts about subject-specific revision techniques (last week was all about how to revise geography case studies) I’ve invited Nick Shepley, a history teacher, tutor and host of the Explaining History podcast to share his wisdom and how to dramatically improve your grades in history. 31 more words

How to revise geography case studies | Lucy Parsons

Geography is an amazing subject (but I’m just a little bit biased, having studied it at university and taught it to hundreds of students). It’s a wonderful blend of the study of human beings and the physical world and the way the two interact. 37 more words

How to write an incredibly useful book review on Amazon | Lucy Parsons

Reviews are loved by online customers everywhere. They help a prospective buyer to see how someone like them used a product, what they thought of it and whether they’d recommend it. 54 more words

The Top Ten Reasons to Read a Self-Help Book | Lucy Parsons

What’s holding you back from achieving your dreams? Is it a lack of motivation? Shyness? Lack of productivity? Procrastination? Not knowing how to revise? Trying to do too much? 55 more words

My All-Time Favourite Revision Technique (and why it’s so effective) | Lucy Parsons

I can’t tell you the number of people, come April and May, who write to me asking, “What is the best revision technique for me?”. It comes out of the panic that follows months of procrastination – when students know that time is running out and they really have to get their heads down to […] … 29 more words

How to stop procrastinating and study | Lucy Parsons

Check your phone. Have a biscuit. Oh, and a cup of tea. Watch Netflix (whilst checking your phone). Cuddle your dog. Snap a picture of him for Snapchat. 52 more words

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Motivated to Study | Lucy Parsons

You want to study. You really do. But you find it so difficult to motivate yourself to do so. Instead of getting home from school and having a quick snack and drink before you hit the books you procrastinate like crazy. 41 more words