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[44] Using Social Media Safely In Our Connected World With Simon Aston | Lucy Parsons

1/10 young people access the internet between midnight and 6am – where and how do you draw the line with your children using social media and the internet as a parent? 56 more words

How to revise for exams in years 7, 8 and 9 | Lucy Parsons

If your child is in year 7, 8 or 9 you’re probably wondering how to encourage them to take responsibility for revision and get into good habits for the years ahead. 51 more words

[41] How to help your child achieve balance in revision season | Lucy Parsons

One of the things I hear parents ask most often is, “How can I help my child have a balanced life and also get great grades in their exams?” This is a great question because it shows real awareness amongst parents that it’s important to achieve balance for both your child’s mental and physical wellbeing. 29 more words

[40] 3 Ways to Improve Your Exam Technique Fast | Lucy Parsons

The first obstacle that many parents like you face is supporting your child to actually start and then continuing revising. I’ve talked about this in other episodes (Episode 22: 9 Reasons Why Your Child Isn’t Revising and What To Do About It; and, episode 37: Consistency: the key to excellent exam results). 31 more words

Which women best epitomise IWD?

Last Thursday was International Women’s Day. And it was celebrated mainly in a manner that would have caused apoplexy among the founders of IWD.

For the focus of what has now become a corporate-sponsored event is on those women who have reached higher rungs of the male dominated political, social and economic ladder. 536 more words


[37] Consistency: the key to excellent exam results | Lucy Parsons

People often ask me what is ‘the one thing’ that it takes to achieve excellent exam results. In the past I’ve offered up answers such as: Determination Hard work Doing past papers But, actually all these things just help people to do the true ‘one thing’ that it takes to get amazing grades. 27 more words

How to create revision flashcards that boost your memory | Lucy Parsons

This post was sponsored by Ryman the stationers. Flashcards are a fantastic way to break your revision of content heavy subjects up into bite sized chunks and to test yourself on your knowledge. 50 more words