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Hands Off Lucy Parsons!

A selected works of Lucy Parsons is now available through the  libcom site (https://libcom.org/library/lifelong-anarchist-selected-words-writings-lucy-parsons) and the writings of Lucy Parsons are certainly worth reading and studying. 681 more words


The Best Twitter Accounts and Hashtags to Help you Improve Your Grades | Lucy Parsons

You must know by now that you should be reading around your subject/s for two very good reasons: It will help you get into university and is a great thing to write about in your UCAS personal statement It will help you get better grades because you’ll have a deeper and broader understanding of the subjects that you’re studying. 53 more words

How to Avoid Cliches in Your Personal Statement | Lucy Parsons

When you sit down to write your personal statement for the first time it can be really tempting to use age-old cliches like ‘I’ve always been fascinated by…’ or ‘I have a deep and enduring admiration for nurses/doctors/midwives’. 70 more words

Hare or Tortoise? How to get ahead with your grades by plodding along behind | Lucy Parsons

Are you a hare or a tortoise when it comes to your studies? I’ll tell you why I ask… It’s becasue tortoises tend to win in the end. 83 more words

Should you study in the morning or at night? | Lucy Parsons

Life gets busy. You may have a part-time job, play in a sports team and belong to a club like guides or venture scouts. It’s hard to fit it all in, and then when something exceptional comes along, like a camp or a weekend sports festival your studies somehow drop to the bottom of the list. 50 more words

How to Stand Out in an Oxford or Cambridge Personal Statement or Interview | Lucy Parsons

It’s a question that comes up in the mind of anyone applying to the UK’s premier universities: “How do I stand out from all the other candidates?” The other day, Ami, a reader of my blog, wrote to me and asked me this exact question. 68 more words

Why you need to get out of your comfort zone to achieve better grades | Lucy Parsons

The other day I was doing a free fifteen minute coaching call with one of my readers, we’ll call here Polly. A year ago Polly told me she wanted to study physical natural sciences at Cambridge. 75 more words