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[23] How to pay for university with Pete Matthew | Lucy Parsons

Pete is a chartered financial planner, a certified financial planner and managing director of Jacksons Wealth Management in Penzance, UK. His passion is to spread the word that anyone can take control of their personal finances. 46 more words

15 Christmas Gift Ideas For Students | Lucy Parsons

It’s that time of year again. Making a list, checking it twice, screwing it up in a ball of frustation and wondering whether you really have got the right idea of what to get for the GCSE or A Level student in your life. 34 more words

[22] 9 Reasons Why Your Child Isn’t Revising and What To Do About It | Lucy Parsons

One of the most common concerns I hear from the people in my Facebook group for parents is that their children just won’t start revising. It always comes as a cry for help with so much pent-up frustration. 50 more words

[21] How to set meaningful goals with your children with Shola Alabi | Lucy Parsons

Have you ever spotted gaps in your child’s knowledge or weaknesses in their skills? Have you wondered what you can do about it without upsetting them? 59 more words

[20] Start Your Career Right with Alex Webb | Lucy Parsons

Are you wondering how your child is successfully going to make the transition from education to the workplace? In this episode of The School Success Formula I talk to Alex Webb, co-founder of Flying Start XP about how to develop the skills that are valued in the workplace and aren’t taught in school. 28 more words

[19] Dyslexia: How to support a child with Dyslexia with Debbie Abraham | Lucy Parsons

Have you got a child with dyslexia? Or, maybe you suspect that your child has dyslexia and you don’t know how to help them. Understanding what dyslexia and knowing how to get a diagnosis are the first steps on your journey as a parent of a dyslexic child. 38 more words

[18] Supporting a child with Asperger’s Syndrome with Zoe Short | Lucy Parsons

In this episode of The School Success Formula, Zoe Short, a former Further Education teacher and mother of a son with Asperger’s Syndrome explains how to support a child with special educational needs from both sides of the fence. 45 more words