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January 17, 1915

Organized and led by radical labor organizer, Lucy Parsons, more than 1,500 people march in Chicago, demanding relief from hunger and high levels of unemployment in the city. 15 more words



Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! I loved it as a kid because I could be someone different than who people saw me as in my daily life. 916 more words

City Lights Publishers Celebrates Rad Women

Think of the last time you saw a picture book that was engaging and inspiring to people of all ages. Now, think of a book like this that is written by and features a diverse cast of women. 382 more words

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PressTV: US not a democracy, but a ‘firmly entrenched oligarchy’: Analyst

Fri Oct 3, 2014 7:21AM GMT

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A US political commentator has said that Americans should know the United States is not a democracy, but instead “a very firmly entrenched oligarchy” that cannot be simply changed through elections. 432 more words


lucy parsons. radical. iww. thinking fellers union local 282.

ever heard of lucy parsons? today is the anniversary of her death. i didn’t know that. the good folks at occupy gave me the 411 on my facebook feed. 783 more words