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What does it really take to get into Oxbridge? 5 things they’re looking for | Lucy Parsons

Everyone knows that Oxford and Cambridge want you to have amazing exam grades and an enormous capacity for hard work. But, other than this, no-one seems to be clear on what they’re looking for. 54 more words

[52] When to start a UCAS application – the timelines explained | Lucy Parsons

If your child is planning on going to university you’re probably wondering how much the process has changed since you were at that stage, and what needs to be done when. 52 more words

What are supra-curricular activities? | Lucy Parsons

You’ve probably heard of extracurricular activities, which are the things that you do over and above the curriculum, such as sport and music. However, do you know what supra-curricular activities are and why they are important? 41 more words

[51] Dyspraxia: how to best support your child with Rosaline Van de Weyer | Lucy Parsons

Often overlooked and misdiagnosed – dyspraxia affects 1 in 10 in the UK. In this week’s episode, we’re joined by dyspraxia and neurological expert Rosaline Van de Weyer, to learn more about the condition definition. 50 more words

How to stop obsessing over results day and actually get the grades | Lucy Parsons

Are you worrying so much about results day that you’re paralysed into in-action and not doing any revision? In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to get out of flight mode and into fight mode so that you actually get those grades. 42 more words

[48] Overcoming bullying and bereavement to get the grades and into Oxford with Beca Read | Lucy Parsons

A few days after results day a few years ago, a student reached out to me to say she’d gotten into Oxford University, but felt uncertain that she would fit it in. 54 more words

[47] Exam Season SOS: How to help a child who hasn’t started to revise with one week to go | Lucy Parsons

Exam season is bearing down on us. If your child hasn’t yet started to revise you need to read / listen to this because I’m going to share with you my tactics on how to make last-minute revision count. 53 more words