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How much further reading is too much further reading? | Lucy Parsons

I often talk about how important it is to do further reading, over and beyond the demands of your GCSE and A-Level courses. It’s vital because: Further reading will be the foundation of what you write about in your personal statement It allows you to deepen and broaden your knowledge of your subjects, making you more passionate about them. 47 more words

How to seem more confident than you actually feel | Lucy Parsons

I walked into a room packed full of people I didn’t know. The sight of them all stopped me in my tracks. For a second my courage left me and I felt like shrinking into a tiny ball or just turning around and leaving. 63 more words

How to prepare for an Oxbridge Interview | Lucy Parsons

It’s the final hurdle. You’ve written a stellar personal statement, sent off your very best work, taken the aptitude tests and now you’re going for interview. 78 more words

How to Write an EPQ essay (including lessons I’ve learned from writing my book) | Lucy Parsons

I often get emails from my blog readers asking me how to write an EPQ essay. It’s a big project and can be quite daunting. However, I think this type of independent academic research is incredibly important in preparing you for the kind of work you’ll be expected to do at university. 61 more words

Violence, Money, Revolution: A Year of Anarchist Discussion — Wessex Solidarity

Originally posted on Bristol Anarchist Federation: Good news, everyone! Bristol Anarchist Federation has been running its monthly discussion nights for an entire year. Over the past twelve months, we have covered a range of subjects from ‘anarchism and violence’ and ‘revolutionary women’, to ‘mental health under capitalism’ and ‘a world without money’.

14 more words

How to edit a UCAS personal statement (video) | Lucy Parsons

  Ugh! What a nightmare… You’ve spent hours writing your personal statement, brainstorming everything you’ve done that makes you the perfect candidate for your course, crafting an opening sentence and tweaking your words. 74 more words

Concerned about fitting in at Oxford or Cambridge? Don’t be… | Lucy Parsons

Just after A-Level results day this year I had an email from a reader of my blog who’d earned straight A*s in her exams and was off to Oxford to study science. 81 more words