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WSO shows off its new $225,000 Steinway piano

It cost $225,000, but it sounds like a million bucks.

The Windsor Symphony Orchestra raised the curtain Tuesday on its brand new Steinway grand piano, which took 300 people more than a year to build. 835 more words

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New Lending Library Update

Today, I have a new CD to add to my lending library: Beethoven’s Moonlight.

The recording may not have been produced by a well-known label, but when someone offers you a brand new two-disc set of classical music for 95% off, it seems a bit silly to be picky. 99 more words

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Jim Schmid's Trail Quote of the Day #723- Oct 5, 2017

The woods, the trees and the rocks give man the resonance he needs.

—LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN, German Composer, 1770-1827

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Clockwork Orange

Dancing Jesus под фонограмму Berliner Phil. с Караяном, кровавые мечты садиста-перверта с русской речью – по-прежнему самые говорящие кадры мировой кинематографии. Как всё воплотилось в реальность! 13 more words


Вот Людвиг прибежал и сердито, как всегда заершился, заерепенился, загорячился – это я, это я научил каждый тон говорить!! Конечно, Людвиг, никто и не спорит. Только в свободные одежды твои мысли одели Фред, Роби и Фе. (Только что с американцем разговаривал по телефону, и имена в голове изменились на время)

Jenny Shenderey Фред и Роби понятно.😊 А Фе, даже не знаю кто это.

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"Coffee seems to have been the one indispensable item in his diet... He estimated sixty beans to a cup..."

“For breakfast he drank coffee, which he usually prepared in a glass coffee-maker. Coffee seems to have been the one indispensable item in his diet, and he was as fastidious as an Oriental in its preparation.

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Prom 50 - Season 2017

Well, so this particular concert was originally not on my list of Proms to see… 496 more words

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