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"They're greedy pigs"

In rant that would make the Elusive Quixote proud, Charles attacks John Boehner for doing nothing about the Global Warming scam.

Billions will die!

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Ludwig calls out LGF's anti-Israel stance

Seeing infighting at LGF please me as seeing Jihadists kill each other in Syria. WIth LGF’s anti-Israel stance, Ludwig has had enough. He calls out LGF for this shift.

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"Did I take a wrong turn and end up in Democratic Underground?"

Dark Falcon is a tragic figure at LGF.  He views Charles Johnson as a substitute father and wants to please him, so he puts up with the abuse thinking he’s making Charles proud of him. 120 more words

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The Elusive Quixote falsely accuses Speranza

LGF is a blog full of paranoid conspiracies. Today some weirdo name Channeling Confucius posted what at first seems like  contrarian comment at LGF.

I agree with this statement, but that is not what caused the ruckus at LGF. 108 more words

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Deranged Freak!

I did a post at Blogmocracy comparing Obama to Caligula. The man-child  Dark_ Falcon mentioned the thread and Charles Johnson went on a rant about me.  169 more words

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The Elusive Quixote blames Republicans for Sikh Temple shooting

There was a tragic attack on a Sikh Temple today. The situation is developing as I write this but 7 are confirmed dead. Charles Johnson did a thread on this. 88 more words

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Creepy Race Detective smears Weasel Zippers as Racist

The Race Detective returns with another smear. In an act of audacity, Charles accuses Weasel Zippers of racism.

Charles Johnson really has some nerve going after Zip. 138 more words

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