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Bless This Food

A random food. It has fruits, lugaw (filipino food) smoothie, cake, chocolate, etc.



Porridge is a poor man’s food, some say because the ingredients are cheap, local and very accessible.

Porridge is a sick man’s food, too. The warm soup, soft grains, and the ‘steady’ taste is what pleases a sick tongue. 160 more words

Eat Like You Breathe

Eating Pinoy

Filipinos love to eat. Food is something that tells about our culture and relationships like, the part of the chicken you receive in buffets depends on your rank in society, and the place where you sit during meals also commands how people shall treat you. 204 more words

Filipino Style Oatmeal Porridge

I know that it is still summer here in Germany but we are currently experiencing cold wind and rain showers. Instead of going outside, all I want to do is stay at home and enjoy a warm meal. 167 more words

Arroz Caldo

Since I was a child, I always liked to eat “lugaw”, either plain, or with meat (chicken, pork intestines or ox tripe). There are many recipes available on the net and almost all of them I already tried. 165 more words


Filipino Chicken Arroz Caldo (Porridge)

When the family craves for something comforting, another recipe that comes in mind is porridge. I cook chinese, korean and vietnamese porridge but today, it was a day for my childhood porridge called Chicken Arroz Caldo. 275 more words


The lugaw worth taking a trip for

When we were living in Bulacan, we used to go to this place for their lugaw and tokwa’t baboy. I have no idea how my parents ever found it.  310 more words