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Lughnasadh, Australian Druidry, and the Samhain Gathering

Brightest blessings of Lughnasadh

Lughnasadh, being the festival marking the beginning of the harvest, is somewhat hit and miss with the harvest times here in my part of Australia. 675 more words

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Lugh Lamhfade by Moria

Here is the lyrics for the song we sing at Lughnasdh, Lugh Lamhfade by Moria.

Lugh, Lugh, Lugh Lamhfada
Lugh the shinning one
Lugh, Lugh, Lugh Lamhfada… 112 more words

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Learning About Lammas

I had always assumed that Lammas, Halloween, Imbolc and Beltane were fixed date celebrations while the Solstices and Equinoxes were moveable dates. It’s a bit like Xmas being a fixed date and Easter being a moveable one. 442 more words


SerpentStar Lughnasadh 2017

Lughnasadh Blessings Everyone!

Here for your enjoyment is the Lughnasadh 2017 edition of SerpentStar /|\

Lughnasadh Camp 2017

Last weekend we had our annual Lughnasadh Druid Camp. We say that Camp starts on Friday, but really it starts on the Thursday as we all troop in to set up tents, pick up the shopping (which was ordered online this year!), unpack it and set up the kitchen in the barn. 722 more words

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Lughnasadh - A Heathen Perspective

Lughnasadh – A Heathen Perspective

Lughnasadh or as it can be known to Heathens Loaf-fest, Freyfaxi or Hlafmaest is a time of bounty, summer bearing crops are ready to harvest, the first loaves since grain stores ran empty are baked and ale and mead is brewed. 256 more words


Lughnasadh Soup

At Lughnasadh camp each year, the Lughnasadh ceremony on Sunday is followed by a communal lunch. Campers, other Grove members and visitors share a meal, of which this delicious soup is the basis. 202 more words

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