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Garden Update: Harvest and Gratitude 

As Lughnasadh starts to turn us towards the Autumn Equinox, and as it is the beginning of the major harvests, I find myself reflecting on the successes and failures of our little container garden. 211 more words


Where is the Line Drawn?

Hello Everyone,

As summer comes to an end the season of autumn begins with its first harvest sabbat Lughnasadh or Lammas. We celebrate the abundance which was planted earlier in the year and prepare for the coming winter. 768 more words

re-defining the wheel

Having burned through that which no longer serves at Midsummer, I was looking forward to celebrating the bounty that is the first harvest. A small group of us gathered in the garden to share food and drink.. 222 more words



So, there was a sabbat nearly two weeks ago. I kind of planned to do something. I ended up making sweet bread and taking it to knitting group to share. 386 more words


Lughnasadh Away Weekend

But Archivist, I hear you cry Lughnasadh was almost two weeks ago! I know, but the Beltane Fire Society Lughnasadh away weekend starts tomorrow and that’s where I’m going to be all weekend. 48 more words

Lammas No-Knead Bread

This sweet, no-knead bread is a great way to celebrate the harvest season!  You can make it absolutely anytime of course (it’s popular at brunches), but if you’re looking to infuse a little Kitchen Magic into your Lammastide, this is a great recipe.   295 more words


Pagan Parenting: Harvesting Wild Grain at Lughnasadh

Each Lughnasadh, I strive to harvest some of the wild grain from the hedges. Not only is harvesting grain traditional at this time of year, but I save it so my protogrove has something with which to weave Brighid crosses during Imbolc, six months later.   113 more words