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From Lughnasadh to Samhain


We have entered the final month of Lughnasadh and the wonderful Indian Summer continues here in the west of Ireland!

As we journeyed through the Equinox and welcomed a spectacular moon, the nights seemed to draw in dramatically. 170 more words


Lammas or Lughnasadh

Lammas/Lughnasadh occurs every year on August 1st.  It is the first of three harvest holidays and is appropriately dubbed The Feast of First Fruits.  The name says it all.   77 more words


Lughnasadh – Harvesting what was sown at Beltane

Hippie camping weekend after an ascetic month at Buddhist camp – a contradiction or completion?

Not really being the kind of person just to put their feet up and sip cold beer on the beach for three weeks in summer semester holidays, I have decided earlier in this year that I would take part in a monastic life programme in China during the month of July. 1,577 more words


Beautiful Bounty and Garden Surprises

My Twitter pal Lady Althaea really inspires me.  Like other Pagans and Witches, much of her work focuses on keeping in touch with the land.  She does a lot of foraging and herbalism, and I feel like I don’t get out as much to explore like I used to.   304 more words


Corn Dollies

Last weekend was the pagan harvest festival of Lughnasadh, or Lammas if you prefer. It celebrates primarily the grain harvest, used for making the staples of beer and bread. 318 more words

Being Connected

First Harvest

(Day two of the Five Day Poetry Challenge. Again, this is a new poem.)

Her fingers bleed; the stones
are buried deep,
tangled in roots of long-dead trees, 336 more words


Lammas - An Experience of Absence

Lammas-tide is upon us, harvest begins both on the land and on a personal level, that which we have sown is now reaped. ‘The Greenwood’ harvest is yet to come, where fruit is plucked from branch and bough but the tree which bore the fruit remains still standing. 319 more words

Wheel Of The Year