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One hell of a boss ft. Luigi's Mansion 2

By playing videogames for years and years, I’ve surely encountered a big amount of boss battles. Some of them unforgettable, others “just” pretty good, other with good intentions but deeply flawed, and a few that I consider just wrong even if for one, single element (hello Capra Demon from Dark Souls, you and your sweet and devoted dogs). 2,446 more words


Chaos Blogg 67: Boo B. Trap

Happy Halloween folks, well yes this may be a bit early but I think that’s better than the alternative of being late. This year I tried to plan ahead a bit but things didn’t go to schedule so there’s only one game that suits the Halloween theme here. 2,669 more words

Luigi's Mansion 2 Review (3DS)

There are 12 years between the first Luigiā€™s Mansion game & this sequel. Since Luigi first put on the ghost sucking vacuum cleaner all those years ago Nintendo have come a long way in both the console & handheld markets. 679 more words

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