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New York State and Puerto Rico: both run like the Mafia

I was elected to the New York State Assembly in 1996. Shortly after arriving there, I realized that it was being run like an organized crime family. 696 more words


The Prima Donna of Puerto Rico

During his four years as governor of Puerto Rico (2009-2013) Governor Luis Fortuño fired 30,000 government workers, raised consumer taxes, rolled back pensions, laid off teachers and closed schools. 235 more words


The WAR ON PUERTO RICANS begins, with Senate 1456… Teachers will soon be fired and lose their pensions. More schools will close.

Gov. Garcia Padilla is working overtime to turn Puerto Rico into a “prívate” enterprise.

Yesterday he released a document supporting Senate 1456, a new law which would privatize major portions of the public education system of Puerto Rico. 225 more words


The New Logo of the Statehood Party

In prior editorials, I have explained why statehood for Puerto Rico is nearly impossible: politically, financially, and socially, the US simply does not want it. 228 more words


Historic Photo of the Day: Luis Fortuño and Mitt Romney

Even after Mitt Romney was exposed for saying “we can forget about 47% of the people,” Luis Fortuño continued to campaign for Romney in Puerto Rico. 71 more words


Luis Fortuño, King of the P3s

Luís Fortuño ruled over Puerto Rico like a miniature Ronald Reagan.  

He fired 30,000 workers, reduced pension benefits, closed down schools, and raised consumer taxes. … 596 more words


On Jeffrey Farrow: “Lobbyist Finds a Quiet Place to Work, as a Six-Figure U.S. Government Contractor”

In 2000 Jeffrey Farrow was declared a persona-non-grata in Vieques, when he served as co-chair of the “White House Interagency Working Group on Puerto Rico.” At that time, when Vieques islanders were protesting the U.S. 859 more words