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"I want you to be street smart, using every adversity to stimulate you to creative survival." ~Jesus

There are all kinds of ways to be smart. Jesus tells the story of a rascal and how he outsmarts his boss by being creative before he was about to be fired. 92 more words

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Rethink Invitation — Rethink Some More, Part 2

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Luke’s biography of Jesus includes more of what Jesus taught about rich people and wealth than the other three biographies combined. That’s a problem for rich people, because mostly it isn’t positive. 47 more words


Hokey Pokey Christians

March 3, 2017 – Friday

Read:  Luke 16:13 – 15, TLB
Focus:  v. 13, TLB

 “For neither you nor anyone else can serve two masters. 327 more words

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Rich Man and Lazarus: Lenten Links of Prayer for Narrative Lectionary

Invitation to by Rev. Tracy Spencer-Brown

Feel free to use/edit. Credit to the original author (i.e. based on prayer/prayers written by Rev Tracy Spencer-Brown) appreciated. 966 more words

August 02, 1931

Preached on August 02, 1931.
Luke 16:1-9

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August 02, 1931


June 07, 1931

Preached on June 07, 1931.
Luke 16:19-31

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June 07, 1931


the essence of saving faith

“Saving faith is not the persuasion that in the resurrection Jesus rose bodily from the grave. That persuasion is essential to saving faith, but not the essence of it. 106 more words