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Love of Pleasure

Proverbs 21:17

He that loveth pleasure shall be a poor man: he that loveth wine and oil shall not be rich.

The love of pleasure is a sure road to destruction and destitution. 314 more words

Three great teachings on the KINGDOM OF GOD by Jesus Christ

Why are we Christians? What is all of this for? What is the meaning of, the waking up, the sleeping, the breathing and the turning of our world? 1,707 more words


"Modulation of Faith"

The word Modulation is defined by Merriam-Webster dictionary, as regulating according to measure or proportion, normally in reference to the music industry, but we know that the LORD is the master musician, the master of our beat in our life, as faith has a rhythm.  675 more words

Freedom In GOD

Trinity 11 Sermon, 2017

Trinity 11 Sermon, 2017
Luke 18:9-14; Genesis 4:1-15
Rev. Benjamin Tyler Holt

The Baptism of young children confesses something that much of the world has a great problem believing: 1,697 more words



In a smoke filled room in Oxford, some Dons were engaged in debate about the differences between the word religions, when suddenly another Don -C.S Lewis- walked into the room. 756 more words

"So what makes you think God won’t step in and work justice for his chosen people, who continue to cry out for help?" ~Jesus

Jesus challenges me. I don’t need more faith. I need persistent faith.

  • I must be persistent in my prayer and never quit. My faith must be persistent.
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