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Lessons from Lent: Day Twelve

An Explanation of Lessons from Lent

In the next 40 days (29 now because you have already accomplished eleven), the weeks leading up to Easter, the posts on Glimpsed Glory will be different. 8,617 more words

(RE)Discovering the Tithe: It's Personal

 “So now I bring the first of the fruit of the ground that you, O LORD, have given me.” You shall set it down before the LORD your God and bow down before the LORD your God. 806 more words

Embracing Seasons of Change

The human heart is resistant to change. We don’t like surprises. We like to be able to predict outcomes. But God doesn’t operate that way. He doesn’t care for the mentality of control freaks like me. 1,512 more words


Pray for Justice

It’s fair to say that a ‘hobby horse’ of God’s is justice. From cover to cover of the Bible, from the start of history to the end, God has a lot to say about justice. 114 more words

Love or Money?

You know that song? Zacchaeus was a wee little man, a wee little man was he. I don’t like it. It misses the point of the… 792 more words


Come, Follow Me

It is a new year, my friends, and it’s time to start a new page. Is there any better way to do that than by strengthening and renewing our resolve to follow Jesus Christ?  958 more words

Jesus Christ