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Being OK with God (Luke 18)

Over recent summers at Tri-State Fellowship we have had long sermon series of something like 12-14 weeks. And this is the 14th week upcoming in our Parables series “Long Story Short.” But even so, it always surprises me how quickly it goes by, though, so do the summer weeks and months as well, don’t they? 735 more words

Long Story Short

The Rich Young Ruler


In the Gospel of Luke chapter 18 verses 22 and 23, God’s Word says:

“There is still one thing you haven’t done. 353 more words

Accountabili-Buddy Devotionals Day 32 - On being a rich Christian

Last week I had a chance to join a dinner with a friend of mine from the Korean ministry and a newcomer to Emmanuel. My friend warned me as we were walking that this guy was ‘not typical.’ Well, it turns out that she was greatly understating how peculiar he was. 1,904 more words

Christianity In The World

Todays Hot Topic: Money

Generally the discussion of money within the church is a sensitive one. ABC as a congregation has not discussed it as a topic in many years. 834 more words

Armstrong BC

Aching for Mercy

Have you ever ached for Mercy? Cried out to God for a miracle or just simply asking Him to meet a need in your life?  584 more words

What Faith Is

Luke 18:31-43

This week we’re looking at the short stories in Luke 18, and keeping score as to who “wins” in each story. Here’s the recap so far in table form: 875 more words


Confession from the foot of the Cross

NOTE: For those readers who’ve read the confessional living series I wrote earlier in the year, this may feel a bit repetitive. It’s an essay I wrote for a recent contest, and it summarizes and builds on that series.  1,026 more words

Confessional Living