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Do You Have a Little Faith...or a Lot?

As Christians, we know that we are called to have faith, certainly a faith that saves. (Ephesians 2:8, 9) But Scripture also seems to speak of a type of faith beyond that, the faith we are called to “exercise” daily, a faith that “moves mountains.” (Matthew 17:20) In this area, some Christians apparently have more faith than others. 565 more words

Luke 18 Summer Camp

The Lukers had their first Luke 18 San Antonio Summer Camp last May 29- 31. The focus and theme of the camp was “Being Salt, Light and Yeast for the World.” Below is the talk given by Bella Murga to the other Lukers regarding her experience and reflections from camp. 1,241 more words

Luke 18

What Side of Then? July 3/2015

For weeks now I’ve really been drawn again and again to what I wrote the other day. You can find it here titled: Buried in Riches… 1,999 more words

Awakening Promise

Comparisons Are Moot and Unnecessary in Light of the Gospel

I’m a big football fan. And by football, I mean European/South American/Latin American/African/everywhere-else-in-the-world football. For Americans’ sake, let’s just call it soccer.

Every summer and every January, professional soccer clubs around the world scour the available market for new players. 1,649 more words

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What Christians should do about the decline of American freedom?

Here it is, June 2015. Every week it seems that the our Nation along with the rest of the World is looking less and less like it did as I was just a young kid. 709 more words

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