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Luke Akehurst and Labour loyalism (and Corbyn)

Labour rightist ray of sunshine Luke Akehurst has been criticising Jeremy Corbyn for being a rebellious MP. He’s also been criticising Jeremy Corbyn for everything up to and including having the sheer temerity to exist, but this newest line of attack is especially revealing about the way he and the other Anyone But Corbyn zealots see the world. 476 more words


What The Guardian and New Statesman fail to realise is that they are irrelevant

On Friday I put an update on Twitter calling for statistics to be posted on the negative vs positive media portrayal of Jeremy Corbyn. My view being that it would be a useful riposte every time a new article came out and in fact would only make the point clearer… Well, it seems someone had the same idea and unlike me had the… 291 more words

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The vultures are circling

“Anyone but Corbyn!” was the message of the day from Labour First’s Luke Akehurst who brazenly insisted that the cries of “Tory light” coming from Corbyn’s supporters were a bit much and in poor taste (while running an entirely personal campaign against one candidate is apparently hunky dory). 261 more words

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BLOG: I'm supporting Luke Akehurst for NEC

I’m supporting Luke Akehurst for Labour’s NEC.

One of things I prize highly from our CLP representatives to the National Executive Committee is engaging with CLP members and reporting back on what’s happening. 117 more words


A Christmas Varol

Luke Akehurst tossed and turned, unable to sleep. An austere wind was howling around his lonely Hackney garret, mingling indistinguishably with some kind of whining from outside;  protesters or the newly homeless or some other selfish, unpatriotic types, he judged. 1,553 more words

Proletarian Democracy Internal Security Committee Communiqué re: Ex-Cmde Luke Akehurst - Also, Shakin' Stevens

We denounce dilettante ex-comrade Luke ‘nukem’ Akehurst.

His unsanctioned, infantile and increasingly bizarre showboating on the twitter machine will have alerted the state apparatus to his status as a Proletarian Democracy sleeper agent. 153 more words

A Gorgeous Victory

It’s been nearly a fortnight since George Galloway won a historic victory in the Bradford West by-election.  The day after the election, many Labour Tweeters were exercised in their hatred of Gorgeous. 593 more words

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