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Closer to God: Episode Four

Ebony Labyrinth

Clarke’s hike to the Northern Sentinel followed the path he’d worn between his camp and the stream. Beneath the surface of the jungle’s canopy there was little light to use for guidance, so, for the first stretch of his journey, he relied solely on memory to lead the way. 3,328 more words

50 Word Story Experiments

Recently, I came across a website called 50 Word Stories (http://fiftywordstories.com/). It’s pretty self explanatory, they publish flash stories that must be fifty words or shorter. 489 more words

Closer to God: Episode Three

 All three episodes available at:


Closer to God: Episode Three

The Offering

Clarke’s stomach was full for the first time since he’d left the mainland. 2,145 more words

Closer to God: Episode Two

 All Parts Available on Closer to God Page: https://lhnelsonfiction.wordpress.com/closer-to-god/

Lost and Found

Clarke could not tell if he was awake or if he was dreaming. He stared into the back of his eyelids. 2,607 more words

Closer to God: Episode One


Clarke’s eyes opened and then shut almost immediately. After a few seconds, he slowly lifted his left eyelid open again. The light that came in was painfully bright. 2,601 more words

Kaleidoscope: Part One

The sheets were wet with sweat and the air inside the bedroom was heavy and warm. Much too warm for Simon to sleep. Nights like this were always the most uncomfortable. 2,153 more words

Blog 1: Joe Hill and My Writing Process

Introductions don’t really count as a first post do they? I didn’t think so.

To kick things off the right way I figured I would talk a bit about one of my favorite authors and then touch on a subject that has to do with writing itself. 857 more words