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Luke Rockhold back to conquer the middleweights..... again!

It must have been a hell of a long 15 months out of the game for mixed martial artist Luke Rockhold. Injuries, promotional problems and lack of credible opponents extended his absence from the octagon. 941 more words


Watch: FiveRoundMMA Episode 34, Season 5

Did the UFC do the right thing in reinstating Daniel Cormier as light heavyweight champion? Was Luke Rockhold in a salty mood after defeating David Branch? 20 more words


UFC Pittsburgh: Rockhold vs Branch Analysis

This week I broke down all of the marquee action from UFC Pittsburgh: Rockhold vs Branch. I talked about Rockhold’s victory and what it means for the middleweight division. 16 more words


Luke Rockhold labels Robert Whittaker 'true champion,' plans eventual move up to 205

Luke Rockhold is keeping his options open with regard to his future following a successful return to competition from a 15-month layoff at UFC Fight Night 116. 684 more words


Recap of All UFC Pittsburgh Content

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Below is a recap of all UFC Pittsburgh content and other news from the week of September 11, 2017.  As featured on the Cageside Press: 54 more words


Luke Rockhold wins, gets mad, turns his focus on ... Georges St-Pierre?

So Luke Rockhold shows up in Pittsburgh for UFC Fight Night 116, wins the fight he’s supposed to win against David Branch, then gets on the mic afterward with fire in his eyes and spits some threatening words at … Georges St-Pierre? 721 more words


Avoiding the Trap in Pittsburgh

It doesn’t take long to get a reputation in any sport let alone in MMA where the sport is entirely surrounding the individuals who fight. 766 more words