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Premis Morgan tidak baru. Ilmuan yang bermain sebagai tuhan dengan menciptakan kehidupan artifisial sudah banyak menjadi tema berbagai film. Bahkan semenjak Frankenstein hingga Species, atau… 506 more words

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MORGAN | fivethreeninety

I had heard literally nothing about this film until about three weeks ago when suddenly every bus stop & phone box was adorned with posters, & promotion clips were popping up on Facebook & twitter. 851 more words

Morgan - What Happened to the Horror?

There’s a reason sci-fi and horror keep bringing back the Frankenstein story. When done right, this theme is is fodder for countless philosophical questions. What happens when a being is made by man rather than nature? 728 more words



Morgan (15)


A bio-engineered child named Morgan was created in a lab, her growth is accelerated as is her ability to learn new things, the team who created her consider her a miracle of science. 692 more words

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The cold, generic and completely forgettable film “Morgan” is a pretty pitiful excuse for a science fiction ‘thriller.’ Even the lame twist ending (itself quickly predictable from the get-go) can’t save the film’s previous 90 minutes of lackluster exposition. 459 more words

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Morgan is the directorial debut of Luke Scott. Luke Scott is, as every article and review of this film is quick to tell you, the son of director Ridley Scott. 1,135 more words

Morgan (2016) Review

Director: Luke Scott (Loom, one episode of The Hunter)

Budget: $8million

Running Time: 92 Minutes

Quick Synopsis: Scientists create Morgan, a genetically engineered advanced human, who then goes “grrr”, “arg” and *stab in eye*. 1,082 more words