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Wholeheartedness: The Seventh Mark of an Ideal Church (Revelation 3:14–22)

The seventh and final mark of the church, according to Revelation 2–3 is wholeheartedness.

It is a character quality that the church in Laodicea lacked ( 485 more words

The Daily Word

Flaky Fluff

Your inner child. No, thats your sinful nature. It’s not innocent or childlike.

Confess Jesus as your Savior. Yes, but now go lead a life of repentance. 252 more words


The Great Evangelical Recession

I am reading a book called, “The Great Evangelical Recession.” It is about the decline of the Evangelical Church in America. The author says that in the next 15-20 years when the oldest two generations pass away, the church will face an existential crisis. 859 more words


Lukewarm tap

Sometimes when I turn on the cold water faucet hot water comes out instead.  I wait, thinking that after a little while it will turn to cold but it’s a stubborn little bastard.   196 more words


Red Alert! You Know Something’s Up When Government Gives “ToolKits” To Churches! Thousands Have Accepted! Is Your Church Involved?

The fall of the church has just been expedited!!! In an effort to sign up as many victims as possible for Obamacare the government has stretched their tentacles to partner with churches and other faith-based organizations. 121 more words

Christian News

Walk It Out

There is a war going on in our members. The scriptures says in Romans that when I want to do good, evil is present with me. 55 more words


Called to be more

We are called to be so much more..We are not called to mere mediocrity….We are not called to be simple or boring.. We are not called to be lukewarm..On this the Lord is explicit… 261 more words