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The Church "Triumphantly" Dead

C.H. Fisher of http://www.truthkeepers.com/ writes:

Why are professing Christians so passive during an unprecedented encroachment of evil on Christian liberty in America? There are the standard reasons. 1,143 more words

If the Rapture were right now.

Could you honestly say you would make it into heaven on the second blowing of the horn?
I can’t even say yes to that question and I am closer to God then I have ever been in my entire life. 338 more words


My Soul is Cold Right Now

I sit among worshipers in the temple of God
Trying to listen (listen hard) and understand (understand well)
The preacher and the message God handed him. 135 more words


My Soul is Dry

My soul is dry.
I haven’t been feeding it for days,
Weeks, months…

My soul is dry.
It tells me it is thirsty
And it wants its thirst be quenched. 14 more words


Years ago on Art Linkletter’s House Party Art asked a small boy, “What does your mother do?” He replied, “She’s a Sunday School teacher.” Art then asked, “What does she do for fun?” The little fellow didn’t hesitate in answering, “She plays poker and drinks beer!” The audience roared and Art blushed and looked sheepishly about. 98 more words


A fly in my mouth

Confession: I drink a lot of tea. Not hot tea–I seldom drink that. I drink a lot of what some people call iced tea, though I rarely have ice cubes in it. 563 more words

Biblical Worldview

Fungus Among-us

South Georgia weather is extremely confusing. It’s the end of December and we are turning our air conditioning on. In a few days it will rain and we will switch to heat. 295 more words

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