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Dark Friends

A sudden blue storm

Gathers dark friends, thundering,

Raining down lukewarm.




I know I’m going back a few days on this prompt, but I’ve been pondering on it for a while now.  The very first thing that jumped into my head was the film ‘War Room’, in particular the following clip from it: 451 more words


It's Possible to Walk Away from God While Listening to Bethel

It is entirely possibly to walk away from God while  singing worship songs and leading ministries and discipling other people.

Just ask me.

It’s possible to be in the midst of the presence of God while simultaneously wishing very terrible things on the the person next to you. 663 more words

Accept the Challenges

By- Rishika Ghai 

Life is full of ups and down
Learn to adjust according to it
Never allow your problems 
To spoil your happiness.

*** 120 more words


Greeting and Meeting


How lukewarm was his greeting?

When she expected so much more,

A year of separation with silences,

Conjures many thoughts,

But never prepares for the real meeting.

Look of Love

Passion, spice and romance
Utopian picture of partnership
Sometimes love is lukewarm
Hard work and no fairy tale
Honest and real preferable
To make-believe mirage… 33 more words


Glowing Sunset

Lukewarm glow, goodnight.

Golden perception is lost.

Keep me with your warmth.

Photo & Haiku by Issa


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