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You Don't Have to Be Lukewarm

Do you like lukewarm tea? Lukewarm coffee? I don’t. Give me my coffee hot or cold, but lukewarm, and I will spew it out of my mouth.   520 more words


Hot N Cold

Katy Perry talks about her boyfriend’s mood changes in her second single Hot N Cold. The song opens with them about to get married, but when he hesitates to say, “I do,” she sings to attack him verbally about his inconsistent moods.  209 more words

God/ Bible Study

Fungus Among-us

South Georgia weather is extremely confusing. It’s the end of December and we are turning our air conditioning on. In a few days it will rain and we will switch to heat. 295 more words

Christian Living

'Thankful-or Not?

I have only met a handful of lepers, or at least people who had in the past suffered from leprosy. This was in the Top End of Australia where leprosy, a terrible, maiming disease, used to be quite prevalent, indeed Darwin had a leprosarium not far from the city. 520 more words


Mass Deception

A mass insanity and blindness seems to have struck the Church. One right after the other, church after church, ministry after ministry, individual after individual is being tainted by compromise and slowly poisoned by deception. 1,128 more words


Lukewarm or salty?

I decided to get a countdown app on my phone, so that I could periodically check how many days I have left in Slovenia. When I put the end date in the app and it calculated it up and said “56 days to go” my heart broke a little bit. 530 more words


Gentle Jesus

Attend most any church in America today and you will be presented with a Jesus who is all warm and fuzzy. He wants to give meaning to your life, to fulfill your deepest longings, and to deliver you from all your troubles. 1,722 more words

Spiritual Growth