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Who's side are you on?

If we have decided to give our live to Christ and confess our belief in Him, then be sure to hold fast to your confession. His sacrifice was made and called us to transformation, making a 180 degree change of direction in our lives, and not halfheartedly. 101 more words



A bit of a filler post until I get time to write up the next one (currently got a few swirling in my head); but I came across this post on… 909 more words


Amicus Apple

Visited in Aberdeen

Since our latest Sunday brunch hunt my colleagues have got a bit more savvy about the Aberdeen weekend food scene. This particular Sunday I had the tough task to chose one of a number of brunch diners, but once I heard the name… 596 more words


Get Busy Living

It comes down to a simple choice: get busy dying or get busy living. The beauty of Christianity is that we’re all given a choice, a choice that could essentially make or break us. 201 more words

To live in sin is not to know God

This is basically what it says in 1 John 3:6.
Let me get you to understand how repentance works and yes I must use an extreme example to get my point across. 299 more words


Letter to Laodicea 

He is the Amen

The faithful and true witness

The beginning of the creation of God

He knows your works

You are neither cold not hot… 135 more words

All in the Family

I recently went to China. I saw beautiful temples and shrines, ate some delicious and some not so delicious foods, walked on The Great Wall, went to a house church and a government church, played with precious babies in an orphanage…I could continue, but I think you get the idea. 1,033 more words