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I've always cringed at lukewarm

Would this now count as a cry for help?
Oh, it’s such a stillness in my head.
A hazy entity of debris.
Signs for us two, reading “look at me”. 83 more words


When Football Kicks Faith

Over the past several years more and more churches in America are canceling services on Super Bowl Sunday. Yes, there’s no verse in the Bible that says you have to go to church at 9am and 11am or else… but could there be some dangers in this growing trend? 716 more words


OSAS is a lie!

Many preach a different Jesus not taught in the Bible.


Honestly speaking
Posted by minister Dec 7th
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Faith works and faith requires obedience to Gods Word.
Many that don’t know or love God are self  absorbed and involved in unbiblical associations or behaviors that don’t reflect Christ or what He stands for. 144 more words

Things and other things 2

1 . god seeks us out individually ,see Ezekiel 34

2. Don’t rely on any teachers

3. Read Bible for yourself

4. Lord’s servant must not be resentful… 1,164 more words

Is the Bible to be taken as is, or is it a living document that needs to conform to the times at hand?

The Holy Bible, the Christian Bible; what is it, and how should it be read?  These two questions have been asked since the first Bibles came about, yet we are still not in agreement. 5,406 more words


Exposing Lies Part 2

I am a minister for The Lord Jesus Christ. I don’t own a church or charity.
I don’t agree with what a lot of local and distant churches are doing or teach. 4,284 more words