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The stunning 50-year transformation of Soviet photography

The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography in Moscow is hosting an exhibit titled “Soviet Photo.” From 1926 to 1997, the magazine Photo-Reporting and Amateur Photography… 907 more words

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Horse Trick Riding (1895)

Alternate Titles: La Voltige

This is an early contribution to the genre of slapstick by the Lumière brothers. Its simple plot is of a man’s repeated unsuccessful attempts to mount a horse. 195 more words


Photographical Conference Arrives in Lyon (1895)

This is another of the Lumière brothers’ first films, and it cleverly promoted itself to precisely the audience they wanted to market to. A conference of professional photographers was scheduled for… 193 more words


What Was the 1st Horror Movie Ever Made?

Horror has always played a role in the entertainment of mankind. From tales of surviving an animal attack told over our first fires in caves to the slashers and thrillers we have streaming from satellites into our theaters today. 513 more words


La Mer (1895)

We see a tiny pier sticking diagonally out into the ocean. Some boys scamper along it and leap in, then they make their way through the surf back to shore so that they may repeat the game. 659 more words


Welcome to Lyon

Day 6

Our alarms went off at 5 am this morning and we headed to the Paris airport. We took the subway there. Yes, Paris actually has a subway that goes to the airport. 382 more words

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Writers at the Movies Extra: 'The Café Lumière at the Hotel Scribe' by Clive Sinclair

[While we’re on the subject of Writers at the Movies, the theme of our new special issue, here’s a bonus internet exclusive to… 514 more words

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