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History Remembers Lumière, Do You?

Imagine you are setting inside a damp room with very poor lighting with a crowd of more than 100 people, but there are only seats for 30 people. 374 more words


See the Earliest-Known Film of Anesthesia (1899)

We offer great thanks to Adolfo H. Venturni, MD, who brought to us the earliest known film of an anesthetic, taken in 1899 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 287 more words

We launch our first Film Club at Vidya Valley School, Pune

It was a memorable day. It was the only the second time that a school management liked what we do. It was one discussion which convinced Ma’am Nalini Sengupta and Mr. 501 more words


The First Film (2015) review: in pursuit of a cinema pioneer

Would you like to discover the truth – messy, inconclusive and unflattering as it might be? Or would you rather be vindicated by discovering not only were you right all along, but the answer lay close to home, a triumph you could take personal pride in? 1,065 more words

Silent Film

Cordeliers' Square in Lyon (1895)

The final movie of the Lumière brothers’ premiere in 1895 was this simple street scene. It’s the sort of movie that serves as photographic evidence of a place, and is thus useful, but not as interesting as most of the others from this set. 147 more words


Blanket Toss (1895)

For tonight’s Lumière Cinématograph picture, we see a display of athletics and humor. Four men hold a blanket while another repeatedly attempts to do a flip over it, failing more often than not. 142 more words


A Baby's Meal (1895)


Like “Fishing for Goldfish,” this is another home-movie of the Lumière family relaxing at home. It was also shown at the first screening of Lumière movies in December 1895. 152 more words