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Film First Friday: Exiting the Factory (1895)


I originally had these all set up as Short Film Saturday posts. However, I found that would severely limit my selections, so since these have being firsts in common I decided on a new category. 11 more words

Lumiére Brothers

Man with a 360 Camera

Whilst investigating narrative possibilities within mixed reality and immersive environments and 360 spherical films, I can’t help but see the similarities with early 20th century cinema. 557 more words


(Ch. 12) Comedy & Cinema

  • Aristotle called humans “the Creature who laughs” – saying that laughter (or the knowledge of what to laugh at) is one of the few things that separate us from others in the animal kingdom.
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Joyous Skeleton in the 1890s

Auguste and Louis Lumière, better known as the “Lumière Brothers“, released a film titled Le Squelette Joyeux in 1898. It features a skeleton that dances joyously even as it falls apart and puts itself back together.


Twenty years ago today I went to see The Smashing Pumpkins play at Maple Leaf Gardens. It was by far the biggest concert I’d ever been to – my first arena show. 273 more words

The Five Stages of Filmmaking (Ch. 3)

Moneymaking is the major part of the Hollywood filmmaking machine. After all, it is a business. And, while it’s true that some films are still created for the “art of cinematic experiences,” today, those are few and far between. 1,250 more words

The Birth of Cinema

Welcome, join me on my journey of learning about film from its earliest stages. Now lets turn back the time to 1895, we’re in France and who knew what great creations were going to come shortly our way. 734 more words