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Lumière, Maysles, Kuchar and More: Filmmaking Brothers in This Week's Spotlight

For National Sibling Day Friday, April 10, we are showcasing the powerfully connected and collaborative spirits of filmmaking brothers, past and present.  477 more words


Evolution of Documentary filmmaking

Documentary filmmaking is a broad term, which describes a non-fiction film that intends to capture reality. This kind of filmmaking has no set boundaries, and it gives a lot of freedom to the filmmaker to explore. 326 more words

Me, Myself And Irene

“No art passes our conscience in the way film does,
and goes directly to our feelings,
deep down into the dark rooms of our souls”
406 more words

Lumière Brothers

Astronomy and the Origin of Cinema

As far back as I remember, I was always fascinated both by astronomy and cinema. As a kid, I was mesmerized by the stars shining both on the sky and on the screen of my neighborhood’s cinema. 1,089 more words


A History of the Cinematic Language - Lecture Reflection 27/01/2015

In 1895 the Lumiere Brothers created one of the first documented films, ‘Arrival of a Train at a Station’. The film reflects the same language of imagery found in early photography and art. 415 more words


Five things you might not know about David Lynch

Working on a new essay-blog about David Lynch, I had these little leftover bits. But what to do with them? Well, write another blog.

I love David Lynch’s films, but they used to frighten me. 1,043 more words

Art And Creativity

Wordpress Blogging 101: Day Four: Write to Your Dream Reader

Today’s Assignment, on the fourth day of WordPress’ Blogging 101 course, is to publish a post for our dream reader, to include a “new-to-me” element. 1,115 more words