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The Crunch of Snow

So far, December has brought a lot of snow to Mesa Verde. We haven’t been getting a little at a time, but more like large dumps in storms where the plows can hardly keep up! 338 more words

What's On My Mind?

Merry Christmas!

May you find your way to a place to rest in Christ during this holy Christmas season….

The Season of Lights

I fully intended to draw a comic today. I fully intended to do a lot of things. But none of those things happened. Other things happened instead, but very few of them were intentional or productive. 213 more words


Last week I talked about all the farewells I was making as I departed Silver City. This week I’m going to reflect on the hellos, the new connections, that we make whenever we move to a new place. 356 more words

Sending Light and Love

I walked into the hospital room last Sunday to visit my friend..the bed was empty and the room cleared. Oh no…after finding the nurse I told her who I was coming to see. 240 more words