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Laser Cut Luminaries

I wanted to learn more about designing for laser cutting. So I designed this paper lantern, or luminary that holds an LED candle using my artwork for… 224 more words


Why Big Data Will Fail in the Irrational World of Luxury

This essay was contributed by our Luminary Jonathan Cropper.

Luxury can be many things, but fully rational isn’t one of them. That’s why the data-driven trend in marketing is highly likely to fail in the irrational world of luxury. 1,864 more words

Meaningful Experiences are the Greatest Luxury of All

This essay was contributed by our Luminary Amy Nauiokas.

The luxuries that are most engaging to me right now are the non-material ones. For me, luxury is all about having the opportunity to see and experience things that add meaning to my life, not just surrounding myself with stuff. 651 more words

Mermaid Luminary Jar

Hello!  Ever have those crafts that are so beautiful and you can’t wait to try… but the entire process is one failure after another?  Well… this was that craft for me!  305 more words

Finless Mermaid

Money is the True Third Rail of Literature

 This essay was contributed by our Luminary David Roberts.

When I first read “Bonfire of the Vanities” in the late 1980’s, the book’s protagonist, the bond trading Master of the Universe Sherman McCoy, struck me as very wealthy, a huge Wall Street success.  1,322 more words

Your very own personal Lighting Genius is here

Ambience matters. It is simply the power of an illumination that can transform a dulling space into a lively robust one. It is even the power of illumination that determines your mood fluctuations- taking your from sad and bored to upbeat and fun. 346 more words


How to Help Your Kids Find Happiness Through Goodness

This essay was contributed by our Luminary Dr. Vivienne Ming.

Try this quick quiz: If your child could only be one of the following, which would you choose: (a) … 1,701 more words