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Kappys on Dempster in Morton Grove

Kappy’s, on Dempster at Harlem,  is a family restaurant owned and operated by an extended family. One of the brothers, Manolis, came up with the idea of getting caricatures of all the staff and then framing the drawings in the restaurant.  318 more words

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GOP luminaries pick sides on Trump as party rift widens

Washington (CNN)The Republican rift over Donald Trump widened Friday as major GOP figures continued to pick sides over whether to support the billionaire businessman’s candidacy. 1,110 more words

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Ruling Luminaries

Covenant Compendium #6
Guest Blogger: Pastor Justin Wallick

Genesis 1:14-19 – “And, God said, ‘Let there be lights in the firmament of the heavens to separate the day from the night. 756 more words

Luminary: Jennifer Doudna

Meet Jennifer Doudna,

Let me start by telling you why Jennifer is a ROCKSTAR!!!!! Along with her team they discovered an incredibly powerful gene editing tool that give us the power to eradicate nasty things like ticks and mosquitoes, diseases like malaria and zika, and deadly genetic disorders like cystic fibrosis. 234 more words



Discovering a new planet in our solar system

Konstantine Batygin and Mike Brown are my luminaries this week. In addition to having one of the coolest names I have ever heard, Konstantine is an assistant professor at Caltech working with Michael Brown, Professor of Planetary Astronomy. 215 more words

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My Top 5 Mindbenders

There’s nothing more satisfying than a truly mind-bending novel, the kind that makes you feel the need to go and lie down with a cold flannel on your head as you recover from the effort of getting your head around the unfolding events.  546 more words


Embracing The Lights and Seasons God Created

Light and the Luminaries

It is beautiful to note that God created light on day one of creation. And then, on day four, He created the sun, moon, and stars to harness the light He had created three days earlier. 734 more words

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