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Meet Some Of The Lagos Luminaries Shaping Nigeria's Tech Scene

President Barack Obama may be the most famous citizen of the United States traveling around Africa this week, but he’s not the only one.

It’s nearly 4:30 in the morning here in Lagos and I’m too excited to sleep. 553 more words


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"...Nigeria’s got a growing e-commerce market, powered by the country’s 173.6 million strong population..." - original author

Take These Broken Wings: Fairy In A Jar Kids Craft

My dutiful husband was mowing our front lawn the other day, and accidentally broke one of our plastic solar lights.  The top of the light still continued to function, and when day turned into night, it glowed as if to say “don’t throw me away, I am not done yet!” 552 more words


Neo-Victorian Masculinities

There is a shortage of men in neo-Victorianism. Or that, at least, is how it would appear to look at many critical works on neo-Victorianism at the present time.

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I did have an idea about what I was going to see. A live, cable access variety show called Talent Time hosted by some guy named Paul? 1,050 more words

Leave A Light For The Luminaries

11.06.2014 - Seriously Books.

Wednesday, 11th June, 2014

Seriously Books at Gladstone’s.

This evening I started reading the Man Booker Prize-winning The Luminaries. At 835 pages, it’s a read and a half! 338 more words

Has This 18-Year-Old Created The World's Safest Gun?

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To say that gun control is a complex topic in American culture is a massive understatement, but there’s one point we can probably all agree on: Fatal accidents involving firearms are heartbreaking tragedies and any measure we can take to try to reduce or eliminate them is something we as a society need to consider. 229 more words


A Most Cherished Gift

of all things to give
among the most cherished gifts
is simply a chance

— ava wood