2015 in Gaming

For me, that is. I know so many sites can go through their picks of the year, best games, etc. But I thought I’d do something just a bit different: here are the games, regardless of when they came out, that took some of my gaming time in 2015. 383 more words


In the Rotation—18.November.2015

It’s that time of year when portables reign supreme for me: when schedules are busy and I need to travel light. So with that in mind, the games in my rotation is taking a distinctly on-the-go feeling. 263 more words


Shiny New Today: Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Today’s the big day: Persona 4 Dancing All Night is out and ready for all of your rhythm-based fun. You can read up on my thoughts… 64 more words


Lumines: Electronic Symphony

This latest installment in this kinetic puzzle game series, which began in 2004 on the PlayStation Portable (PSP), represents the first original iteration in about five years and offers amazingly colorful visuals, electronic music, challenging puzzle play, and deep statistics. 662 more words

Michael Siebenaler

The Friday Five—3.July.2015

It’s a holiday weekend here in the States which means, um, well, it doesn’t really change a whole lot for me if I’m honest. Why wait for holidays to enjoy yourself, right? 386 more words


Must-Own Games—Vita Edition

Ah, the poor Vita. It seems that, with the exception of the successful PSP, portable systems not named Nintendo struggle in the North American market. Granted, Sony didn’t make it simple—the proprietary (and expensive) memory cards limit sales of the system and of digital games—and have been treating the Vita as though it were a piece of the PS4. 531 more words