New Lumines Out In Japan, Australia, New Zealand And Not Here

(Source: kotaku.com)


Unless of course “here” for you is Japan, Australia or New Zealand and you’ve got an iOS or Android device. Then you can play Lumines: Puzzle & Music right now, soaking up all the “Shines” of the modern puzzle classic before the rest of the world gets it in September. 238 more words


2015 in Gaming

For me, that is. I know so many sites can go through their picks of the year, best games, etc. But I thought I’d do something just a bit different: here are the games, regardless of when they came out, that took some of my gaming time in 2015. 383 more words


In the Rotation—18.November.2015

It’s that time of year when portables reign supreme for me: when schedules are busy and I need to travel light. So with that in mind, the games in my rotation is taking a distinctly on-the-go feeling. 263 more words


Shiny New Today: Persona 4 Dancing All Night

Today’s the big day: Persona 4 Dancing All Night is out and ready for all of your rhythm-based fun. You can read up on my thoughts… 64 more words