PlayStation VR Day: Rez Infinite

The classic PlayStation 2 game, Rez, returns…again!

This game was a masterpiece years ago and Rez HD kept the legacy alive. Now the game has VR support and it feels like a natural extension of the game itself.

Let's Look At

Lumines Puzzle & Music for IOS & Android

Four years ago, it seemed that the famous man, Tetsuya Mizuguchi, had stopped producing games for the time being but fast forward to the recent times, he had opened a new game studio called Enhance Games, where he’ll keep producing his games there. 223 more words


[Lumines Neo] Free to play

(Source: Mobcast)

Lumines Neo has been released onto both iOS and Android Store. You can download it at the link below. Do note that it might have been only released to a certain regions. 82 more words


Even In Portrait Mode, Lumines Keeps Shinin'

(Source: kotaku.com)

While it may not be as responsive as it was when it debuted on the PlayStation Portable on 2005, Lumines: Puzzle & Music for iOS and Android is every bit as engaging as the original. 320 more words


The Music Returns: Lumines Puzzle & Music

I’m a Lumines fanboy from back in the days of the PSP. Lumines was my most played PSP game. I had racked up over 30 hours of play time before moving on to the PS3 and Vita versions. 673 more words


2015 in Gaming

For me, that is. I know so many sites can go through their picks of the year, best games, etc. But I thought I’d do something just a bit different: here are the games, regardless of when they came out, that took some of my gaming time in 2015. 383 more words


In the Rotation—18.November.2015

It’s that time of year when portables reign supreme for me: when schedules are busy and I need to travel light. So with that in mind, the games in my rotation is taking a distinctly on-the-go feeling. 263 more words