Puzzler Essentials: Lumines

There’s been an unwritten rule ever since the days of the Game Boy that every major new handheld system must launch with at least one awesome puzzle game. 1,047 more words


Puzzler Essentials: Gunpey

There’s something about handheld systems that just makes puzzle games feel right.

The PlayStation Portable was no stranger to games of this type, of course, what with the excellent  1,187 more words


Lumines: Electronic Symphony - PlayStation Vita Review

I’ve played every single Lumines game since the original, which I got on launch day in, what was it now, 2004? It was getting towards the end of high school at the time, and I played tons of this game beneath the desk, head to head with other players who also had a PSP, peer pressuring folks into buying it and consequently losing to me. 524 more words


A history of Vita games: Spotlight on Ubisoft

The fourth in a series of articles I’m writing, looking at the output of a number of Vita-supporting companies from launch through to the present day. 2,605 more words